New TRT Users vs. New Heavy Gear Users

Just an observation and no facts to back it up at all. What is up with the amount of sides, both physical and mental, that guys new to TRT at doses 200mg a week and below report vs. guys new to gear on r/steroids and other forums which skew more towards higher dose anabolic usage. Guys over on “heavy gear” forums running their first cycles at much higher doses very rarely in comparison seem to voice complaints/concerns about sides. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, just seems sides are disproportionately greater in the TRT community, especially for newer users. New onset fatigue, anxiety, high e2 concerns, low e2 concerns seem to be every other post in the TRT subset. Meanwhile guys running 500mg/week plus orals who have never ran anything before are busy posting PR’s, diet questions, and their new oncycle observations. I am by no means saying this is everyone in each subreddit or forum, there are outliers in each group, it just seems like there are far more sides reported and anxiety related issues in the TRT group. Anyways just an observation didn’t know what others think and if anyone else has noticed this as well.

Its because TRT users are patients with medical issues to boot. Steroids users are not patients with medical issues that need to be rectified. One group has been declining with age, the other is on their way. Big difference

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While I think that seems to be true based on what you read in TRT forums, in practice, it is not close to being accurate. Rarely do I see guys with the issues reported here. (Having said that, I’ll probably get a bunch of phone calls tomorrow.) My guess is that guys experiencing difficulty starting TRT are more likely to search the internet for answers. Those doing well are not, they are busy enjoying the benefits of TRT.


I saw this on reddit. First, those guys running “gear” aren’t side effect free, I think they’re just not as neurotic as guys on TRT, dissecting and worrying over every minor change in energy or mood or whatever. Second, IMO, it’s cos guys on TRT are “threading the needle” so to speak. Trying to take just enough to resolve health issues while not taking too much to cause new ones. Guys on cycle are super-saturating receptors and have a lot more room for error. If that makes any sense