New TRT User

Hi. I. 34 6’3". 210 lbs.

I started TRT roughly 2 months ago, at the advice of my urologist. I went in to see him to have my levels checked. My symptoms were low sex drive, difficulty recovering from workouts, and fatigue. He ordered a testosterone test. My total test came back at 398. And my free test was 49. Not terribly low but low none the less. He said that he would like to give me 6 shots of test depot. One every 2 weeks , and get my levels rechecked. So I got my 6 shots.

Oddly he gave me 400 mg of test depot every 2 weeks. I know that is a lot. He said the reason is that sometimes if you boost the levels high, they may stay there. Didn’t make sense to me, but hey it’s a free cycle of medical grade test. Of coarse I’ve had bloating , testicle shrinkage and some acne. I went from about 200 lbs to about 215.

The only things i dont like is the bloating and the fact that i cant sleep for 4 days after i get a shot. Libido is through the roof. I recover great. I’m a lot stronger. Anyway. He tested me again after 6 shots and he ran the test a week after my last shot. Total test was 626 free test was 100. Strange because I would figure at the dose I’m getting, it would be much higher.

So he asked me if I would like to switch to gel, or said I can continue the shots at the same dose since I’m in range. Since I don’t desire to be on a TRT forever and I some day want to have kids, I asked if I could go off and try to get my levels up naturally.

He said that sometimes people go off and their levels stay elevated (also doesn’t make sense to me). He suggested they ween me off , getting one shot in three weeks, and then the next in 4 weeks, etc. so, that’s where I am right now. Thoughts??

All is stupid. Your doctor does not understand the meidcines he is prescribing you.

Go read the stickeys, find out some info on your own, then com eback with questions. You will have many.