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New TRT User, Looking for Advice


I have a question for the group. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of lab results other than my TT levels. I’ve been reading a lot on here and was able to finally get some help from my urologist, but I’ll give a quick history below and then see what you guys think.

  • 32 year old, diagnosed with low testosterone February 2016 (265 TT)
  • Urologist put me on Clomid for about 3-4 months to see if I could kick start some sperm production
  • Physically unable to have kids, so he wanted to put me on a more permanent option to help with my low-T
  • Sep 1, 2016 had 10 Testo-pel pellets implanted, levels went up to 705 TT, and I believe 230 for bio-available T.
  • Within a few weeks, my body was rejecting pellets, and as of today have lost 4 pellets. TT levels crashed down to 330, and he put me back on Clomid for 2 1/2 weeks until I could get in for an appointment to talk about other options.
  • Took him the printout from here on TRT for beginners from KSman, and argued my points as well as I could
  • Prescribed 100 mg Test Cyp 1x a week, 400 iu HCG 3x week, but haven’t been able to get an AI yet since he wants to do more testing in 3 weeks to see where I’m at. I told him I want to split the 100 mg and do 50 mg 2x a week and he said that wouldn’t work as well. So I said that’s fine and he gave me the script, but I figured I can adjust it how I want since I’m doing self injections.

So that is where I’m at now, I’m not a fan of my doctor because I literally had to make them order labs for E2, thyroid, and FT. The nurse called and gave me my TT levels yesterday after the appointment, but didn’t even know what the results were for the others, just that the doc said they were “fine”.

My other issue is I’m currently training (bulking at the moment) for a classic physique show in June. My trainer said that 100 mg a week is too low and I should see if I can bump it up. After trying to train for the last 2 months with reduced test and not growing at all, I’m tempted to increase my dose to get back on track, and then lower it to levels I can maintain for long periods of time. I was gaining about a pound a week, but the past two months saw a stall in progress and then I’ve lost about 2 pounds over the last 3 weeks (I’m 5’7", started at 181 lbs, currently 196.5)

I’m just looking for some advice and input to help me make the best decision possible, thanks in advance!


Take it from me - you can’t try to conquer more than one area when it comes to hormones. You are trying to dial in your protocol with a doctor that doesn’t seem to fully understand this stuff. This takes time and you will need to monitor progress and labs for a while. Throwing in a physique contest - which requires a completely different dosing pattern is going to leave you in the same state when you are done - wondering what the best TRT treatment plan is. Wait on the contest - plenty of time for that after TRT gets on track and you can TRT and blast between shows.


Get copies of those labs.

250iu hCG SC EOD is adequate. More = $$$ and possible high T–>E2 inside the testes.

Changing T dose changes AI dose required.

See the protocol for injections sticky and advice for new guys. The finding a TRT doc sticky may be useful. In most USA States, you can order your own lab work - out of pocket.