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New TRT Protocol

My last lab results were on clomid:

TT: 907 ng/dl
Free T: 213 pg/mL
Estradiol: 36 pg/mL
DHT: 23 ng/dl
LH: 4.2

I spoke to a Doc at Defy Medical who said that my symptoms are not attributable to the T, but rather the low DHT number. Others on reddit said that is normal because of the elevated SHBG. As of 5/10/2019 my new protocol is:
T cream (200mg/ml) ED
Anastrozole (.25 mg) 2x/week
HCG (400 iu) 2x/week

The Defy doc wants to improve my DHT levels by apply clicks to the skin and 1 click to the scrotum. My previous endo says that this is nonsense. I know that there is a difference of opinion, but I’m tired of chasing down doctors to find a solution. Anyone here with an opinion for this new regimen? Does it matter much to change to the cream or am I just spinning my wheels?

Listen to Defy. Give their protocol a chance with no changes and see how it goes at your next bloods. You are paying them a lot of money don’t waste it by experimenting on your own.

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Call defy and ask them about anastrazole. They will say “oops you probably won’t need it and only take as needed”.

You don’t want to crash your estrogen. Tread carefully. After you call them please respond and let’s see what they say.

If you have high shbg you have even less reason for ai.

When you had normal t levels as a kid did you need estrogen blockers?

Google alpha 5 reductase. DHT increase in scrotal application because of these reductase. This is why you have less e2 conversion with cream.

They are sacred of DHT yet DHT is over the counter everywhere. There are zero studies showing DHTconverted from T csusss any harm over the last 50 years. Zero.

Read it for yourself and google lifting dermatologist on youtube and educate even further on the cream and etc.

Don’t take my word for it.