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New TRT Protocol

Hi everybody. I am on trt in France and i couldnt find a good dosage for my arimidex. Going too low or too high. And i never felt good. E2 2x the top range.
I injected daily 16mg of testosterone along with 500ui HCG 2xweek.
I started a new protocol today, wich gave huge results on my really best friend who is also on replacement.
Injecting daily - for a total per week 75mg test enanthate/ 75mg masteron enanthate.
250ui HCG eod and NO AI.
All subcutaneous.
I will keep you updated in 5 weeks i will have my bloodwork done = total T. Free T, estradiol, PSA, Liver, creatinine, cholesterol and (CBC RBC ?)
Masteron enanthate come from a trustable source wich follow GMP and ISO standards.
I hope the best.
Opinions are welcome

If fertility is of no concern, dropping the HCG will likely decrease estrogen and you could dial in by adjusting the dosage down. If fertility is a concern and to lower E2, suggest injecting smaller doses HCG EOD or everyday. Approaching 20mg daily would see very high levels and I would expect the average person to have very high E2 issues.

You may be an AI over-responder like myself, you may never find a dosage that works for long. Crush anastrozole into a powder and micro dose by wetting the tip of a Q-tip (cotton removed) and whatever sticks consume, once or twice weekly.

See if you can get aromasin, a bit gentler and slower acting and not so harsh. Just don’t stay on AI’s long term, try and resolve E2 by properly dosing Test.

I applaud you for going on a daily protocol, it shows dedication and commitment.

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Thank you for your warm words i appreciate a lot.
I Will keep you updated on how i Feel with lowering my dosage and adding this compound.
Most important for me Will be to see if bloodworks come back good with Masteron ( 75mg is a very low dose ).
Yes every day injections become with time part of my routine and is really easy now.
Thanks you systemlord