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New TRT+HCG Protocol at Very Pricey Clinic $420/Month

So I got started on a pretty standard protocol at a rather pricey clinic in Asia (over $400 per month)…because hospitals look at ny age (36) and “normal” T levels and refuse me.

I’m on week 2.

I was on HCG monotherapy for a couple months prior to this…then I came off HCG monotherapy for a month…then started this. My levels after 1 month off HCG monotherapy were 730 ng /dl…in the middle of my HCG monotherapy my peak was 890 ng/dl…so 730 ng dl will be my baseline.

Here is my protocol:

SubQ injections 2X a week, 0.3ml or 62.5mg, total = 125mg per week

HCG 500iu 2x a week

Vitamin D3 pill 2X a week.

Arimedex tablet (cut in half) 2x a week.

Question: My dr. insists on this dosage…but could I feasibly cut my dosage down to 80 mg per week (Dr. Crisler said 80mg of SUBQ can be as effective as 100mg instramuscular.

That way I could save 180mg per month…so in 2 months I save 360 mg…which I can use for an extra month…and therefore save some cash.

Or is my better option to stick with this clinic for the first few months…then go to a normal hospital and simply tell them I’m already on TRT, please continue the TRT protocol I’m on otherwise my levels will crash…?

Or…the most risky and shady options…where I am…it is possible to get T over the counter for real cheap…but there is no guarantee of its quality and if it has been consistently at room temperature (hot weather here).

Crazy prices !! I could be driving a golf GTD for less than that a month. I self administer 125mg Test E pharma grade for £30 pounds per 10ml ( 250mg per ml). Pharma arimidex is £20 pounds for 28 - 1mg tablets… that’s like 2 months worth if split in half ( I don’t use arimidex anymore ). I think its a bloody rip off what half of these clinics charge. Its like IVF they know people will pay it and charge extortion prices. Obviously the bloodwork etc is all in the package ramping it up a touch but $400 a month is mental. That’s the price of my house each month.

If it was me id be shopping around more. I guess I am lucky I just phone my buddy and its delivered that night to my house.

Yeah…once I am more familiarized and comfortable w/ my protocol (a few months)…I think I will find a way to go the self-medicating route while getting my blood tested at a hospital every 2 months.

Many bodybuilders here go to a pharmacy known for selling T over the counter. They buy like a 6 month supply each visit and do huge cycles. The test they are buying is probably not the real brand name it is labeled as…probably an imitation made in India or somewhere else…but it seems to get the job done.

Unfortunately that pharmacy has been out of stock for the past few months…wonder if there is a shortage of test here.