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New TRT Doc Wants to Double my HCG

For background on me, here’s my progress thread:

I’ve been on 9mg ED of Test Cyp, and 220IU of HCG 3x weekly.
I’m also an AI over-responder - my sweet spot seems to be 0.25mg of Adex 2x weekly.

My doc stopped taking my insurance and I just found a new guy.

I have been experiencing testicular atrophy,
and my new doc wants me to do:

9mg of Test Cyp EOD
500IU of HCG 2x weekly
AI - same as before - 0.25mg 2x weekly

He says he wants to keep my T levels high without depending on the Testosterone Cypionate.

I also know my dose is already VERY modest compared to a lot of guys here.

I discovered recently that I’ve apparently been miscalculating my HCG dose for a year.
My doc told me 0.11mL was 220IU, and that’s what I’ve been injecting.
I switched pharmacies and the new label says “Inject 220IU (0.18mL) 3x weekly”

So I may really have only been taking about 130IU instead of 220.

Anywho, new doc wants me taking 500 twice a week, so that’s 0.40mL each time.

I needed 500 to keep my balls full and dangling. 250 wasn’t quite enough.

Hi Nate,
Why not just fill the script and try the proper amount (220iu) for a few weeks.
If it doesn’t get the job done, move up a little by little until the desired effect is achieved.

Keep in mind, higher doses of HCG can pick up your natural T, and spike e2.

First move up to what you SHOULD have been doing. If that works, better, since too high doses of HCG can desensitize the testicles, and also cause problems with too high estradiol levels.

On a related note, how long does it usually take for hcg to reverse the atrophy? My doc didn’t want to prescribe it and I am going to insist when I get my blood work in 2 weeks. The boys are definitely smaller and lefty is starting to ache.

@massive nate, i followed ur entire journey and i’m curious about ur current TRT progress.