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New TRT Doc and Protocol

Hey folks! Been a while, and ive been to a new TRT doc here in Columbia Maryland.

Current protocol:
18 MG of test cyp 2x a week
a grain of sand of exemestane 2x a week (if I take more i crash e2)

New TRT doc: Doc was mildly concerned about thyroid. New protocol is supposed to 100 mg per week divided in 2 doses, and take DIM. It seems that im an over responder to anastrozole.

Im on my second day of DIM and noticed by mid day im hving some cold flashes, anyone heard of this?

Pushed pelletes (im not ready yet)


E2= 41.5
Total T=565
Free T=18
Prolactin= 7.67
FSH= .3 (1.5-12.4)
LH= .1(1.7-8.6)
TSH= 3.01 (.27-4.20)
T4= .91(.93-1.70)
Reverse T3= 8 (8-24)

TSH is even higher and fT4 is still low. You did not respond to my questions in September.

  • iodine deficiency?
  • low body temperatures?

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You are very estrogen dominant and that drives up SHBG and drives down FT.

If you get TT and FT up, there will be more T–>E2 that you can modulate with an AI.

E2= 41.5
Total T=565
Free T=18 RANGE?

E2 clearance in the liver may be impeded. Not enough lab work and we still need lab ranges.

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@ksman, thanks! Ill add pertinant info shortly, too cold outside now to get lab work for the reference range on FT, but it was within range.

As for increasing T this will increase E2, but im wondering is it not healthier to take DIM being natural if it works for me?

Thanks all!!!


If DIM works for you, a good choice. But it rarely is seen to work in a TRT context.

And the other issues in my post?

100 micro grams (mcg) of synthroid?