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New TRT Clinic in San Francisco


Hey fellas - wanted to know if any of you have tried out Helix Mobile Wellness and Research in San Francisco?

A friend of a friend recently got treated there. Sounds incredible! A mobile phlebotomist visited his house, took his blood, it was tested, and then appeared on a mobile app. The place doesn’t just test testosterone - on the app, it says they test SHBG, free test, progesterone, estradiol, TSH, Total T3, Total T4, Cortisol, DHEA, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and PSA.

From there, testosterone, hcg and estrogen blockers were prescribed to my bud, with a doctor showing up at his door to show him how to administer the medications, as well as conduct a second physical. Apparently, he’ll be receiving all medications in the mail and has the option to get his blood tests done through mobile phlebotomists.

He told me that Helix can facilitate direct-doctor appointments for people outside of San Francisco, meaning you can fly into SanFran, meet the doctor once directly, and get your medications sent to you if you qualify for care - but you have to live in California to get the medication.

Anyways, I live in LA and I have a good doctor, but I’m really tempted to try this. Apparently they’re charging $250 a month, which includes medications and blood tests.

Link to their SF page -


An interesting new service segment. Would be good for office visits, where you work if one has a private office.

The labs are deeply flawed, but maybe tailored to your age.
Refer to: http://helixmwr.com/how-it-works/

pre TRT Labs: -changes

LH/FSH should always be tested to determine if one is primary or secondary. This can also pick up high FSH resulting from testicular cancer.

fT3 and fT4 should be tested. The hormones bound to binding proteins are not bio-available.

Cortisol should be AM cortisol at around 8AM. That probably does not fit their business model.

For younger males, if LH/FSH are low, test prolactin to see if that is the cause and follow up elevated prolactin as possible pituitary adinoma.

For older males, PSA needs to be tested and a DRE is advised.

DHEA-S should be tested, not DHEA

AST/ALT should be tested. If E2 is elevated, that can be from liver problems.

CBC with hematocrit. If pre TRT hematocrit is near top of range, TRT can easily create problems.

Fasting glucose

Fasting cholesterol - if low, that can be a cause of hormone problems

Body temperatures should be screened and a history of iodine intake.


All good notes! I’ll let them know when I visit.


Did find out that they test hemoglobin and hematocrit - will pass along your other notes!


So this service costs roughly 2x as much as Defy Medical, which has one of the most well-respected doctors in TRT (Dr. Saya), for the same level of service? Defy also practices telemedicine, so you can live in any state and use their services without going to their clinic. $250 per month is definitely not a good deal for blood tests, testosterone, hCG, and AI medication. Sorry, but this is NOT very incredible, unless you run the finance department for Helix.


I really don’t want to criticize Defy Medical. I applaud anyone who does hormone care. But I question if Friedman is a sales rep for Defy.

Defy Plusses:

  1. They make testosterone available.
  2. They monitor you.
    (credit where credit is deserved)

Defy Negatives:

  1. They practice telemedicine with DEA Controlled Substances. If you’re a telemedicine patient with Defy, and you live in California, you’re playing with fire.
  2. Maybe your insurance is friendly on blood tests, Friedman, but mine costs hundreds. Helix’s cost includes blood testing, which is not only testosterone, but also adrenals and thyroid. $250 to $300 monthly for blood testing, doctor consults and medications (and all legal) is a steal, and when you factor in blood tests, the cost is equal or better than Defy.
  3. Lastly, I appreciate any institution that puts as much focus on testing the thyroid and adrenals, as it does on testing testosterone.

Really don’t want to get in a pissing match here. Defy is good people. In addition, Helix makes it very clear that they only treat California patients. I wish Defy the best, but I think Helix is going to be a great resource in California.