New Tribex

Chris, are the new batches of Tribex in stores now…how long do you think it will be before all of the old batches are out of your warehouse…and is there a “New” on the label or should we just look for the change in the ingridents to see if we have the new formula? Thanks Chris

I was curious about this myself. I want to make sure when I order my next order of Tribex in June that I get the new stuff.

Hey guys. I ordered Tribex-500 Monday, and got my shipment today. They sent the new stuff. But what do you expect? Biotest isn’t gonna screw ya and unload all the old stuff first. Can’t wait to try it next week.

I understood from the article that it was a year away… not sure where the hell I got that idea.

Read the article a wee bit closer next time, Dale:

“Anyway, if you want the new Tribex-500, you’ll have to wait
another year before it’s ready. Nahhh, just kidding. It’s ready
right now! To get your supply, either log on to our online
store or call 800-525-1940.” Tim Patterson

Hi fellow t-man. Can anyone please share the new Tribex500 formula. I can’t seem to find it. The bottles I got have the same formula as an old bottle I had. I am confused as to what changed. I’d appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks

The new T-bex contains only tribulus and avena sateva, both at increased doses. The FPG (isoproxyipriflavone or whatever) has been eliminated. Also the label is different. The word “NEW” above the T in Tribex is not encircled , nor is the phrase “University tested”. The “O” in Biotest is white, not blue like the old jar. Much easier to just look at the ingredients though. ONe thing I wonder about is why, on the flyer that comes with it, they recommend a standard serving regardless of bodyweight??

I’m curious to know of anyone’s experience with the new formula compared to the old. I still have two unopened bottles of the old formula I still have to use up before I can get the new one.