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Looks like TRIBEX has been updated again. It is no longer the Nano-Dispersed capsules. It is in rapid release tablets that look like the Spike tablets. It now also includes Eurycoma longifolia. Looks a lot like Alpha Male now.


so is it alot like Alpha Male now?


Damn, they still make it??? I thought they stopped making it YEARS ago?? Man, that sucks because I placed an order for some Surge. If I would have known they still made it......

Does anyone know what the amount of Tribulus in in the new TRIBEX and Alpha Male? I am trying to get a comparison of the two.


It is sold on the Biotest Edge website and through distributors. It isn't in the T-Nation store. I wonder if it is a less potent version of Alpha Male in the same way as the less potent HOT-ROX is sold through distributors and the maximum strength is only available here.


I am stuck on this one too. I was looking to try either TRIBEX or Alpha Male. The weird thing is T-Nation sells the Alpha Male for $49.99 yet Biotest sells it at $89.99. That makes me lean towards Alpha Male bought here because it is the same price Biotest charges for the new TRIBEX.

Another thing. Why the switch from nano-dispersion to rapid release tablets? Is one more effective than the other? That would definitely impact my decision.


Guys, we make TRIBEX for mass market distribution.

We make Alpha Male for T-Nation.

In the beginning, we vowed to keep a lot of Biotest supps off the shelves. We did this so we could keep our T-Nation supps more potent than what the average customer could get.

We also did it to keep prices down. Many of the products on T-Nation have no middle man. Hence the lower price (in comparison).

As far as the change in TRIBEX, we'd hit a ceiling with the nano dispersion technology. In order to use a more pure blend of herbs, we had to go to a rapid release technology.

Buy Alpha Male and buy it through this site. More powerful, better priced.


Would this be true of Spike too? Or is the one sold on this site superior than the Spike to be found in other places like GNC, etc?


Nope. Spike sold in stores is the same price and potency as the Spike sold here at T-Nation. Thats probably the one and only exception.