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New tribex 500!

I seen a new advertisement fot tribexx 500 in The new flex mag. The bottle is white now. I believe it said supercharged or something i dont remember. But, is there a new tribex again? Later

If I remember right, the forumula has been improved twice as they’re now able to get more of the active ingredient in there. (More info in “Behind the Scenes” a while ago.) This latest improvement has been around awhile though, several months at least. The newer stuff should say “supercharged” on it and you now only need 3 caps twice a day, not 4 twice a day.

Oh and the color of the bottles has changed many times and, if I’m not mistaken, has gone back and fourth from brown to white. In fact, if you’re a long time user like me, you may remember when most Biotest bottles were glass!