new tribex 500????

I just recieved some tribex 500 (as usual) but the labeling says “supercharged” and the supplement facts now say that theres 3 caps per 30 servings per container and that the tibulus is at 750 and the avena is at 750 mg per three caps. What gives???

Tim wrote several weeks back in ‘behind the scenes’ that with the last couple of improvements on Tribex-500 you no longer need 8 caps a day it’s so potent. I guess they changed the labels in the new batches to reflect this. I think that was very cool of Tim. He could have just left it at 8 and made more money since the bottle wouldn’t last as long. But he was up front and said to use only 6. Biotest and Tim P. are a class act.

if the label doesn’t state it, how do you know you got the latest stuff? my label still says avena and trib 1 gram a piece? i got it from nettrition about a month ago…

It’s the same formula, just not the lastest packaging. The newest formula has 250mg of both tribulus and avena per cap (new label: 3 x 250 = 750; old label: 4 x 250 = 1000). You still only need 6 per day. Peace.