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New Transformers Movie? (Patricia?)

I figured I’d beat the bush on this one and consult my fellow Tmen and Tvixens, particularly our resident movie-guru Patricia. Does anyone know if they’re planning a new Transformers movie anytime soon? I heard on the radio a couple months ago that such a thing was in the works, perhaps even CGI. I don’t know how much this interests you all, but it t’was a staple of my youth and let’s face it… Optimus Prime is one of the icons of T. So, anyone heard anything?

Here’s what I do know: This project has been in limbo since the beginning of summer. A huge issue of movie rights (who owns them) is still waging and the company who had supposedly purchased the rights no longer has a active website, very curious. You can definitely list this project as being in “development hell”.

All the new transformer stuff I’ve seen lately sucked. The old stuff was 1000000000 times better. :slight_smile:

That’s most unfortunate. Blast. They need to get things squared away, pronto. But thanks for the heads up.

The new Transformers on TV are nothing like the old stuff when I was growing up. But as of right now I am download episodes of the old show from Kazzaa right now so watch, even though it takes forever. Sand. “Bringing dreams to Cybertron.”

Lets hope they don’t make the movie. If its anything like the crappy TV show they shouldn’t disgrace the name by making a movie. The TV show is so low budget its bad. I guess thats what you get when you ship the drawing over to china to be done by prison workers. They use the technique of having the camera move instead of the actual character drawn moving. They also do constant close up for almost everything so that way they don’t have to do a background or make detialed cells. The old transfomers are a hell of a lot better. I have some on tape and put them in. They shouldn’t even call this new Sh*t transfomers, its a disgrace. So I hope they don’t make a movie, they can only ruin it.

I agree that a movie of the current cartoons would suck royally, but anyone seen the new comics by Dreamwave? Infinitely better than the original comics I think we all can agree.

aaAAAH! I remember those good ol’ days when I used to watch Thundercats, Transformers, and MASK. Even had the beadsheets to match. Back then, my parents were really poor, so they could only afford to buy me the Rodimus Autobot, even though I wanted Optimus Prime. However, my arch evil nemesis… let’s call him ‘Robert’, had the whole collection of autobots, and decepticons, 'cos he was a suburban rich kid. Anyway, I remember crying one day, cos when I was rubbing the sticker to make the logo turn dark red, it came off in the school yard, and I couldn’t find it ever again… :frowning: It has scarred me mentally…

My parents didn’t want to buy Transformers for me either… I think my dad was just stingy. Anyway, I just made my own. Amazing what you can do with styrofoam, tooth picks, cardboard, glue and tape. It was pretty cool. I even made one that changed into 3 things (robot, tank and plane I think). Now that I think about it, I was probably better off - my imagination got one hell of a workout.

And yeah, the new cartoon sucks donkey nuts.

I haven’t even seen these new cartoons, and sheesh… it sounds like I don’t want to.

It may be nothing, but I heard an artist from Dreamwave Productions (i.e. Pat Lee and crew) is rumored to be working on storyboars for a Transformers movie.

Is your real name Mc Guyver???