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New Transformer Trailer


Not sure if anyone else is a fan but just saw this earlier today and thought I'd share



awesome! thanks!


The first time I saw a trailer for that in theaters, everyone cheered.

Personally, I'm pumped as hell for the whole idea. I really hope they do a good job.

However, I am aware the Michael Bay is directing this film and he might just take a shit on my entire childhood.


I just got hard!


man...I'm pretty pumped for this! I just hope it's not a let down.

either way, thanks for the vid.


My mind stopped function properly after seeing Optimus Prime....

Yes. Yes. Y.E.S.


Not sure I'm feeling this one. Don't get me wrong, the movie looks good. I just don't think they should've made a violent, conflict-oriented movie from a child tv show. They based too much of the potential success on the nostalgia, IMO

I'm sure I'll enjoy the movie in itself, but I don't think it'll be a Transformers movie.


I saw this and my pants got tighter. Damn I'm such a geek.


Zen, Transformers (G1) was quite the violent series. Because its animated it doesn't seem like it is. Not that its live action it becomes "real." Just watch the animated movie and see the death of Optimus, Unicron, Starscream, etc. They're still pretty brutal but because its animated, its not too "violent."


The bot coming out of the pool has got to be Megatron. That was one of the best trailers I've seen. They did it really well. July cant come soon enough!

The trailer was supposed to come out during the holidays. I wonder if its going to be attached to Rocky Balboa?


HELLLLOOOOOOO Optimus Prime is a CAB OVER!!!!




rewatch the trailer.


Watched it again, didn't see him as a cab over.


I wish they had actually showed a few transformations as opposed to half of one.


2007 is going to have several big movies.


Spiderman 3

Die Hard 4

Shrek 3

Oceans 13  .. I won't see it but I'm sure it will still make 100 million.


He's not.


Must see this movie!!!