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New, Training Upper Body

As anyone other guy in the world I always wanted to just workout and get a bigger and good looking physique in the upperbody. I do workout from time to time 1 - 2 times a week and I dont do much.

I do about 3x10 at 30lbs standing dumbbell arm curls
3x15-20 pushups
and i workout my forearms aswell
i know im not doing the right routine.

I was wondering if you guys have any good suggestions of workout regiments and excercises I can go about to building bigger muscles on my upperbody

im 21yrs old, 6’1" 180lbs

I’d like to get a bigger chest,

thanks. =]

What about your legs and back?

[quote]IronWarrior24 wrote:
What about your legs and back?[/quote]

maybe he doesn’t have any.

oh wait…

I only have 2 dumbbells and a 10pound metal pole as a bar bell but then i got weights so i can use that lol.

if there are excercises i can do with what i have to workout my back i’d be glad to do them, for my legs i guess i can do squats… I cant offord to goto a gym right now.

You could do lunges, db rows, rear delt flyes, and bulgarian split squats all with just the dumbbells, plus a lot more I’m sure.

I have an idea, do a search and you will find all the info you need. Although i would suggest working out your back and legs unless you want your shoulders slumped forward and little girl legs.

Train back and legs as well. A strong back is a foundation for a strong chest and strong legs and core is the foundation for a strong body in general.

Well lack of equipment is an issue, but it is not a dead end issue, you can build good strength and add some size with little equipment.

1st make sure u understand something, if want to grow you gotta EAT, EAT, and Eat some more. At 6’1 and 180lbs ur a little light for your height.
–Now by eating I am not talking about muffins, cereals, doughnuts, and the like. That�??s not food. I will let people who know more than I do explain this. Here read this 2 part article by CT, its Fucking awesome:

(now you don’t have to take a bullshit nutrition class at college, you don’t need to throw money away)

Now let�??s talk training. As other have said you gotta train your back and legs too. So here is what you can do:

-Push ups and variations (feet elevated, one arm pushups, palms close, palms separated, etc)

-Dips. To add resistance put on a backpack fill it with your dumbbells and do dips.

-Pull ups/Chin ups (probably the best thing u can do for overall back and upper body strenght). Add the following variations:

(awesome pull up article)
–To increase resistance again put on the heavy backpack.

-Squats. But please, get deep on those squats, if don’t have the flexibility then check the 1st 15 minutes of this:
(Dan John shows how to squat and later the O’lifts. This is how I learned to squat right)
–If you need weight do goblet squats with the dumbells like Dan shows. Also you can put all of them in a backpack, hold the backpack with your arms in front of ur chest and SQUAT!

-Throw heavy stuff around! I am not joking, if u got a back yard or a park nearby grab a heavy rock throw it, run after it, and throw it again. The next day you will “feel” what I am talking about :slight_smile:

-And use the dumbbell for your arm and shoulders and stuff.

Additional Recommended Equipment:
CHALK! its like $1.50. (gloves are too expensive, they break easely, and they give u soft “city hands”)


good advice neo,

better yet, hold the backpack full of weight above your head when you squat.