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New Training Technique (Adapted Complex Training) Troubleshooting


Hi, recently I read up on Complex Neuromuscular Training, which consists of doing a Heavy lift, then something like a sprint, if you did a squat (someone else can probably explain this better, or google it.)

Anyway decided to do a modified version of this which is:

1-4 reps with whatever weight you'd normally only be able to do 5 reps, then immediately after that grabbing two dumbbells with the combined total of 60% of the weight I just lifted between them, then do a couple more reps at full speed, but lower weight.

In theory this should work more or less the same way, or possibly exploit the principals further, however it feels like this had less effect than a regular workout, and possibly even slowed me down, can anyone suggest something that I may be missing here that means I might be negating the effect of CNT?


Have a look at CTs complex's on this website for something very similar but with more defined principles


I think what I'm doing is actually more like contrast training I'm going to try reducing the weight weight when I pick up the barbells a bit, I think I might have been doing it with too much weight too get any appreciable speed, so that's probably a part of it.


Stick with sprints as your speed exercise.

Google Litinov. Awesome shotputter did these.

We have done these as sqaut/sprints
'' bench press/heavy bag
'' pendlay rows/rowing machine
'' clean and press/standing high jumps

All work great.


speed is relative - are you lifting a heavy BB slowly on purpose?


What you describe above has nothing to do with (traditional) complex training. In complex training you choose exercises which have high demands in power/force/speed like near maximal weights in clasic lifts, olympic lifts, plyometrics/throws, sprints etc. They are exercises which correspond to different parts of the strength-speed curve. You describe a superset.