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New Training Regimen

Current body weight is 129 lbs
Today worked up to 180 1rm on bench press
Progression is as follows
— warmup
70x5 bench. 70x5 bb row
90x5 bench. 90x5 bb row
105x3 bench. 105x3 bb row

Working sets : 150x1 bench. 135x3 bb row
165x1 bench. 155x1 bb row
175x1 bench. 175x1 bb row
180 new max bench
Accessory movements were at 5x10 each
— DB incline press 25 lb DB
DB row 45 lb DB
The next two movements were also supersets but followed different rep scheme
— Floor press 5x5 115
Reverse row 5x8 body weight
idk real name butI pulled my body to the bar
Next was my ab circuit
3x8 — hanging leg raises
decline sit ups
ab wheel roll outs
side oblique raises

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