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New Training Questions


The old thread reached the post limit, gotta post your questions here instead.


Hi Coach,

Hope you're well.

Tried your advice from your new article about performing jump squats between sets of my heavy front squats. I really felt the difference in the nervous system, set a new PR and, most noticeably, my old PR flew up like speed weight. Is there anything similar I could perform for deadlift variations? Currently I'm performing power cleans or power snatches from the hang between sets of deficit deadlifts. Would this achieve the same sort of effect?

Thanks in advance for any help, best wishes as always to you and your family,



Coach, about a month and a half ago I asked about your chin-up program and using it in a split with dips the same way as chins and a lower body day. You suggested a split like 1) Chins, 2) Lower body 3) Rest 4) Dips 5) Rest, which I did. I started with the ability to do 5 chins and 6 dips after a month of PTP style training (up from 1 resp 2). After a month of your chin-up program I can do 5 regular chins and last week I did, during training, after 5 sets of negatives, 10 regular dips in series. I am stunned by the difference in obvious progress between the two. Can you give any pointers as to what may have happened?


This 1-3 method is very interesting. The 1 rep then resting a minute is supposed to let you do 3 reps with a weight you could do WITHOUT that 1 rep ? Also, how do you use it ? For one top ramped work set or for all sets ? How did you come come up with this method ? I never seen it mentioned anywhere else.


would you suggest performing cluster sets with movements starting in the concentric phase?
I think this would activate the CNS while putting large amounts of stress on the muscle due to the level of intensity and the volume
whats the optimum amount of reps for this? 3 reps? and sets? 3?


Hi Coach,
Jason Ferruggia says: "The best exercises for building the chest are different types of weighted pushup variations."

Do you agree with this? Do pushups work for you?



Yes, that is something that I use from time to time, however the load on the clean or snatch should be lighter than you would normally use and the reps kept at 2 or 3 to having fatigue build-up that would hinder the deadlift. Around 65-70% of your max is a good starting load.


Simply put, ratchet loading is similar to ramping (force spectrum) BUT with an activation set done prior to every "work" set. The activation set is done with the weight you will be lifting for 3 reps. That 1 rep should be fairly easy and serves the dual purpose of activating the nervous system and to give yourself a psychological boost by knowing the feeling of the weigh to lift for that work set.

So if you have a max of 200 you could do:

160 x 1
160 x 3
180 x 1
180 x 3
190 x 1
190 x 2-3


Hey Coach,

I'm trying to put together an Upper/Lower body split with goals to increase strength and size. However, after hours and hours of searching and reading, I cannot find or formulate of my own, a proper plan of periodization to reach my goals. I really would appreciate any of your advice. I was thinking about choosing either a traditional linear or alternating periodization model, but not sure if either is an optimal method to choose.

Thanks for your time.



Hi CT,

What's the best way to treat medial shin splints when simply resting isn't really an option?
Does foam rolling the insides help?



I don't believe in periodization in the traditional meaning of the term. I just did an interview with Nate Green explaining my view point, it should 'air' shortly.

But basically I think that any system attempting to control and predict the athlete's physiological state for many months in advance is flawed.

Your physiological state changes from day to day, it is thus impossible to predict exactly what amount and type of training will be required to stimulate gains (basically modifiying the physiological state) and not overstress the body (especially nervous, hormonal and immune systems).

I believe that we should know where we want to get, what general plan we'll use to get there and which methods to use for each phase. But the day to day work needs to be autoregulated to make the best use of the evolving physiological state of the athlete.


Good points! I thinks the current view of periodization stems a lot from group sports, where the need of the many outweighed the need of the few, to quote Spock :wink:

How would implement your strategies in a group setting, Chris?



I bought a pair of Fat Gripz and was wondering if I should have them on all the time during bicep work. Is there any benefit from alternating between fat and regular?


For how long this activation from 1 rep is not lost ? You recommended resting a minute, but is it possible to rest longer on the harder sets and still get the benefits ?

And do you mean 200 max 1RM or 200 3RM max?



I wanted to follow your HSS-100 program you wrote some time ago, but only have 3 days.

So what i thought may be a good idea would be to use the HSS-100 principles on the bigger muscles as follows:

Monday: chest (using hss100), bicep work thrown in imbetween or after workout
Wednesday:Legs, perhaps use hss100 principles on either quads or hams.
Thursday: rest
Friday: Back (using hss100), tricep work the same as bicep work.
saturday: 0ff
Sunday: off

With no intention of disrepcting the orginal layout, i just want to make as much use of the principles laid out in the article but in less time.

Let me know what you think.



hello again coach and sorry about the boring questions.so in which threadyou wrote articles about ramp sets and motorlerning training method to see it myshelf?also which is believe is the best lower back exercise for a weightlifter?also cn you give sample exercise which can i utilize for upper back strength(which is more suitable with olympic style weightlifting.)thanks!iam looking forward to hearing for you


Yes there is. Any change in loading or apparatus will create a slightly different neurological demand. So doing both with be more effective. You could alternate fat vs. normal grip sets; do all fat grip on one day and all normal grip on the other one; or do one exercise with fat grips then the next with a regular grip.


200 1RM, which is why you might only get 2 with 190. Understant that this is actually NOT A RECOMMENDATION for using certain weight or number of sets. It's only to show how to do ratchets. If you get 190 x 3 easily, you can add one ratchet with more weight (for example).

The neural effect are best from 1-2 minutes and are still somewhat present up to 3 minutes. But if the ratchets are done with the proper weight, there is no way that the sets of 1 should be so draining that they require super long rest intervals.

The 1RM set is not magic! If you have trouble lifting the weight for the set of one you will not magically be able to do that weight for 3 reps. The set of 1 should always be smooth and powerful because it is within you capacity.


Hey Christian

Ive been lifting for almost a year. I love your advice and articles. Biotest products are also the best. I just have one question...

My clean numbers are almost on par with my bench numbers. This doesn't bother me but seems like a high clean or a low bench to me, especially compared to my peers(benchers.) I barely bench anyways, I prefer the other presses. What are your thoughts on these numbers?

body weight: 155-160
bench: 165x5
clean: 155x5


2 quick notes:

-the fifth clean is a deep squat and maybe I could do 6 with a very deep one
-the Biotest products I use are ALPHA-GPC(just started a few weeks ago), Flameout, and SURGE Recovery