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New Training Program..?

I usually design my own workouts, but I thought I would switch it up some and see if anyone had one to recommend. I seem to stick to my same basic template so when I do someone else’s designed workout I’m usually doing different exercices and it works out well.

Current Stats:

Squat - 315 (highest 365)
Bench - 255 (highest 285)
Dead - 405
Chins - ~15 (highest 17)

BW - 184
BF% - 12-14 (wait…maybe i should put 8-10 like everyone :-P)

Goals include high relative strength and athleticism…I would really like to increase my bench, as that has always been my weak point.

Strength based workout or any other opinion on what to try is welcome. I have access to a weight room M-Th where I can go heavy (squat,etc), weekends I can lift light in my basement if needed.