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New Training Program


Was not sure were to post this but looking to switch to 3 day week program for strength and start some MMA training on days I dont train with weights. Any thoughts or advice would be great
Thanks in advance

Workout 1
Squat 5x5
Overhead BB Press 5x5
T bar rows 4x5

Press ups 3xAMAP
Chins 3xAMAP

Direct arm work

Workout 2
Front Squat 3x5-10
DB Press 5x5
Kroc Rows 4 sets

Chins 3xAMAP
Dips 3xAMAP

Direct arm work

Workout 3
Deadlift 5x5
Wide grip cable rows 4x8
DB power clean and press 4x8

Chins 3xAMAP
Press Ups 3xAMAP

Shrugs 3x12
Face Pulls 3x15


Cut out everything after the initial three exercises each day.




Looks solid.
I have some ideas,though.Why not throw in hang snatches/hang cleans for power? Or barbell reverse lunges (hepls with sprawls)...or towel chin ups ( head control),rack deadlifts (pulling opopnents front leg up for take down)?

Stay strong! :wink:)


I like it, I would personally throw in the bench press once a weak as well as some rotator cuff stuff. Biggest thing, don't be afraid of "overtraining." If your paying to go to a martial arts gym every day, then train there every day you can, weather you are lifting that day or not. Your body will adjust pretty quickly as long as you eat well and sleep well.


This is simply not true. He'll just burn out quickly and quit one or the other or both.


And here comes the peanut gallery.


This is a troll post right? He only just signed up etc...


Yea I figure it is. But not knowing the OP, I don't want him to see this, believe it, and think it's good to go because no one said it was a bad idea.


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i may have to disagree with cutting every thin after the first three. some of the exercise selection could be improved with your chins and dips over your other chosen auxiliaries like t-bar row

cut the direct arm work switch the t bar row with chins the overhead press with a weighted dip

if you insist on a tbar row like movement atleast do a bent row

no you shouldnt be shrugging mind you in the grand scheme of things it will be as detrimental to your recovery as it is effective in your training, not very

why dumbell presses? why "kroc" rows what the fuck are you a body builder?

dont do the clean and press with dumbells get a bar cut the wide cable rows and keep the face pulls

switch your main 3 exercises to 531 scheduling it makes more sense all around than 5 of 5 so would some sheiko variation for your big three

i dont think the work loads the problem the exercise selection and arm work is