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New Training Program


This is my training routine that I have been following lately with great results.
Let me start be saying that I have constantly switched between full body workouts and single muscle group splits...Chest/Tri Back/bi etc...but always burn out mentally and sometimes psychically and wind up changing my whole routine up.
I have come up with a training routine that suites my fickleness with classic full body, splits, push pull style workouts.
Here is the basics of it all.

week 1:Sun/Tues/Thur/Sat. Workouts are full body high intensity, at approx 5-7 reps per set

week 2:Mon-Chest/Tricep.
Sat-Rest. Workouts are high volume, at approx 8-12 reps per set

During week one depending on how I feel I will do one exercise for one to two sets per muscle group, sticking to basic lifts like Squats,Bench,Shoulder-Press,Barbell-Curls...
During week two I use as many isolation movements as possible for four or more sets per muscle group, like Leg-Extensions,Flys,Lateral-Raises,Concentration-Curl...

Well thats the bare bones of it.
Thanks for reading.


That is the best program I have ever seen. I put on .5lbs of muscle just reading it.



OP read this:

Please, I beg you.


So i put up a Routine that i am doing that has been giving me great results, asking for no real critique on it and the first responses I get is some stupid comment and a link to some other classic split routine that if you actually read the post you would realize is the exact thing i want to get away from. Thanks i guess ?
@jskrabac...it was straight fat.


Pics of great results. Or they didn't happen.


Maybe that was your problem?

You basically posted a thread that said "I'm training and getting results. That is all"

You didnt list ANY exercises, any goals... Nothing.


Well yeah I see your point, but i did give a general idea of some of the lifts im doing