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New Training Plan


I've been training for 2 years and have some solid progress to show for it. My problem is that I've done either too advanced programs and hurt myself or a not advanced enough program and made no progress. I need a program that will work with where I am at in my training.

Shoulder Press:120
Power Clean:155

Any help is great. Thanks


I sware by the texas method


Give us an example of what you think is "not advanced enough" for you, and an example of one that's "too advanced".


Anything smolov(I tried that and almost died),Westside Barbell(amazing system but it works for elite powerlifters not a dumb 15 year old) and any program that I copied from an elite powerlifter. I can't think of a simple program so anything not as advanced as the programs I mentioned would be perfect for me.


Why not try 5-3-1? Jim's 5-3-1 for Powerlifting should be coming out soon, I'd suggest buying both and going from there. Check out the 5-3-1 thread in this forum.


Smolov that is not adjusted for drug free should not be used drug free.
Way too advanced

Westside is not too advanced, you did something wrong. I got amazing gains when I was 14 off that.

That said, you may respond better to westside for skinny bastards. IMO it is better at your level. I think the bands/chains/ect are too much for your level.

A lot of people like 5/3/1... I am not a big advocate of it. Its okay, but just okay. It is better than no program or a self made program in most cases, which is why people see results.

Texas method has had some success with guys I know. They were about your level. Basically added a plate to every lift (roughly) in about 20 weeks.

That being said, my first year on westside, my max squat was 315 when I started, and was 425 like 11 months later. Same gear for both. Same bodyweight. I was like 14 when I started, 15 when I did that. Then I started overtraining massively and stopped making gains.
That was on the basic westside.

Then I switched to WS4SB and gained some mass and tons of strength.

Then back to something in between, and vary stuff as needed.


I have 5/3/1 and jauggernaut i could send it to you


How tall and heavy were you?


Don't do that.


So what do you all recommend? I've seen a lot of people talk well about madcows 5x5 is that program any good?




Because only an asshole pirates e-books. Jim Wendler and Chad Smith are helping you out by writing awesome training books...it's only fair that you help them out by not giving their shit to people for free.


EliteFTS does a lot for the sport. You shouldn't go around trying to screw them by sending their e-books to people for free on the internet. The amount of information in both of those books is well worth the 20 dollars or so that they charge.

I know some authors don't care that their content is being pirated -- but for crying out loud have some respect.


So both of you are telling me you dont download anything off the internet without paying for it. like seriously...


When I started the westside training? I was about 5'2 - 5'3 and I was between the 132 and 148 weight class when I was 14...

Or do you mean when I started westside for skinny bastards? I was about 5'5-5'6 then, and about 165.

Then I hit a giant growth spurt and went from 5'6" to almost 6 foot in one summer, then I kept growing till now, and I am now 6'4" 258lbs.


Smolov that is not adjusted for drug free should not be used drug free.
Way too advanced

very fucking funny
that being said, i wouldnt recomend it to anyone who couldnt do the first session (4x9) with their bodyweight on the bar


Thats just my opinion. There are programs where smolov has been altered and is able to allow recovery for most.

Everyone I know that has been drug free and tried an unaltered smolov program was severely overtrained and stalled.
Perhaps they were doing something wrong outside of the gym I was unaware of that was not allowing them to recover enough.


Damn I wish I started weight lifting in high school lol.


Don't get all self-righteous about it. If you're asking if I troll around message boards creating new forum topics every 2 hours and offering other peoples' books for free (despite the fact that at least one of those authors posts on this very message board), then the answer is no.

Look man -- I'm just saying have some respect for the authors, as well as EliteFTS. They really do a lot for the sport. They sponsor lifters, publish articles, create an abundance YouTube videos, have an amazing Q&A forum where you can ask some of the strongest guys in the world anything you want.

Is it too much to ask for to pay them for their e-books?


emo.. PM if anyone wants the book, hopefully this guy doesnt kill himself ..