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New Training Plan Based on Shotgun Method

Well, actually I’m just planning to use the idea of doing a few compound movements to get the testosterone running and doing a troubleshooting workout the next day.

Here’s the compounds plan:
3 cycles of pushups, squats, bodyweight-rows
3 cycles of standing military press, deadlift, pullups
3 sets of power cleans

Progression plan:
Go from a minimum of 3 reps to 10 reps (20 reps for DL & Squat), then add weights/extra resistance. Add at least 1 rep every workout for every exercise. This way I should be able to train for both, strenght and size, at the same time - right?

Lift as fast as possible, lower for about 2 secounds
Rest: 60 secounds of rest for the cycles. Rest for the the power cleans depending on reps.
By doing the cycles my rest periods should be fine, according to this article.

Troubleshooting day:
Various hand strenght & forearms stuff, calves, neck training. Maybe some biceps curls, since my biceps is shit in comparisation to my triceps. Or I’ll just switch the pullups for chinups if I notice theres not enough emphasis on the biceps.

So far I only did bodyweight exercises and had some good results with those - at a size of 5’8 (172 cm) I went from 165 lbs (75 kg) to 175 (80 kg) in about 2 months and had some good gains in triceps, chest and back.
How about learning the right lifting technique - should I join a gym to learn the lifts correctly before I go back to working out at home or should I try to learn the right technique by videotaping myself and comparing it to instructional vids such as this one?

From what I gather, most gym trainers here (germany) don’t know jack about weightlifting since they always recommend machine exercises.

So… what do you think? I know I it probably isn’t a shotgun workout anymore - I wanted to simplify it. Should I do less compound exercises and rather do more cycles for those that I keep?
If I’d reduce the compound exercises I’d probably just do pullups, pushups and… squats or deadlifts, I’m not sure - what would you recommend?

Thought I’d hate to take the rows out of the mix, I desperately need something that stimulates the rear head of the deltoid since I got a dysbalance in my deltoid, due to all the pushups I did before discovering rows the front head is WAY stronger than the rear head and its pulling the shoulder forward. I don’t want to throw out to pullups either since I had some great gains thanks to pullups… unless you guys believe rowing will also increase my pullup strenght. Then again I could go keep it closer to the original Shotgun workout and do pullups, squats and military press in compound workout 1 (adding some Inverted fly’s in the following troubleshooting-workout for the rear head of the deltoid) and do rows, deadlifts and squats in compound workout 2, doing more than 3 cycles each.

Though then I wouldn’t know what to do about the power clean. Then again, I may have problems learing how to do a correct power clean all by myself anyways, no?

guten morgan, first of all - well done for the gains and that your first post wasnt stupid

are you doing pushups instead of benching because of shitty gyms near you?

i wouldnt recomend high-rep speed deads (more reps, more chance of injury and overtraining)

why not front squat and romanian DL together (works well for me)

maybe repost with bullet points outlining your targets, current status, training plans etc to make your post easier to comprehend

I’m all about programs - DC, Starting Strength, Madcow, Stronglifts, WS4SB. These men, smart men, have experimented so that we don’t have to. Don’t be a guinea pig if you don’t have to.