New Training Method???

I have tried Meltdown, and it kicked my butt, and made me puke. I have also done 5x5, but was thinking to mix the two together. I was planning on doing 2 rounds of Meltdown first(pull ups, squats, push ups, and deads), as a warmup, and to shock the system, and then do 5x5 for 3-4 movements/day(post chain, pushing-pressing, ant. chain, and pulling-rowing). I will use approx 25-35% of 1RM for the Meltdown portion, and then use whatever I’m using for the 5x5 portion. It will look something like this:

Monday: Posterior Chain Hell Day
Meltdown -2 rounds at 25-35% 1RM
Romanian Deads 5x5 @275
Leg Press Sled 5x5 @500(Squats aggrevate my left ankle due to an old injury)
Poewr Cleans 5x5 @185

I’ll give this a try and hopefully will have some good feedback. BTW, I will slurp and hopefully contain half a serving of surge between the Meltdown and 5x5 sets. All comments are welcome. -The Starkdog

I like to do something similar. Rather I start with the 5x5 lifts and then add a circuit of 4-5 exercises done 2 times. What you are doing could definately work. I like a combination of the Meltdown circuit idea and typical kettlebell circuits (done with dumbells right now) consisting of swings, snatches, cleans, presses, etc.

Do yer heavy stuff first. The Meltdown action will make your blood a bit acidic which wll make your nervous system less efficient for the 5x5. If you do the heavy stuff first you won’t get that problem.

I think that this is a good idea, I like jason idea but i would use the meltdown training to improve work capacity and not much as a fat loss phase becasue your diet should coinside with your training program. you will not see great gains if your caloires are very low.

I like your idea. I’ve been doing something similar. I basically do 2-3 exercises for 5x5 (e.g. Shoulder Press supersetted w/ Pullups) and then do a circuit with my Kettlebells consisting of Turkish Get Ups, One Arm Snatches, Two Arm Clean and Jerks and One Legged Pistols. I agree with the others. Do you heavy stuff first.

personally its not what i’d do. If i were you id do meltdown or GBC while you’re still kind of fat. as you get leaner to 5x5 or 6x4 or other relative strength protocols. The rationale is the leaner you get the more muscle that is lost in proportion to fat. relative strength protocols are less taxing and better for preserving muscle.

First, thanks for the feedback guys. Well, I tried it today, and seemed to work well. The Meltdown portion went ok, but I need to tweek the weight a little bit. I actually was able to contain half a serving of Surge. Then, I went and did the 5x5 sets- today is pressing/pushing day. So, I did incline db presses, push presses, and Hammer Strength dip machine(I like how it isolates the pecs and triceps). Then I had the other half of Surge. One thing I did notice, however, is the awesome effect of having Surge mid-workout. By only drinking half of it, I didn’t get the “hot and sweaty” feeling, but more like a battery recharged feeling. It helped propel me through the second half of the workout; but I swear that I got some major pumps. The horseshoe in the tri’s really popped out, and still are out there. BTW, I forgot to mention my stats in the first post: I’m 24, 6’ 250, approx 17-18%bf. -The Starkdog