New Training Log

Starting this do I have an online record of my workouts and PR’s.

I’m busy playing football august - December but I will attempt to continue the log.

All these workouts are ones I have written up myself and they draw from my years of training and experience.

Mikes workouts-
Bench test
Mach inc 1 warn 2 drop sets 15
Machine chest press 4

Shoulders/back â??ï¸?bad
Warm up ipull down
Muscle clean/ press matrix 3 rds
Explosive rack DL /shrug 3/5-3
Pull ups 4 sets
Mach Low row 3/8+3
Mach high row/ rear raise 3/15-15
Mach press/side raise 3/10

Legs- lunge/squat 5 min
Box jumps 5/2
squats500# warm up-3/3-5
RDL 3/5
Narrow Hack squats 3/10+ hold +5
curls 3/7
Quadkilla 50 reps

Bench sets
Ladder push-ups 4 sets
Inc flye 3 sets

Pull down/ rear raise/dip warm up standing/seated 6/3
Chins/side raise 4xfail/20
Row/ shrug 3/8
Shoulder burn x2

Bench 5x5, 8x1, 1xfail (315x7)
Inc bench 3x6
Mach chest press 4x12
Bb neg curl 5x5
Preacher 2x12
21’s x 2

Dumbbell rows 2 wu 3x10
Chins (4 different grips) BWx10,10,10,10
Straight arm lat pulldowns 100x10,10,10,10
Bb/seated dead stop rows 5x10

Push jerk. 5,5,4,3
Bench 6,5,5,4,4
DB inc 4/8
Bent-Over Row
Bar Shrug
Weighted Dips
Shoulder Burn

Hang clean 5,5,4,3
Squat 5,4,4,4,4
Box jumps 5x5
RDL/ lunge 3/5
GHR 3x10
Core 2

3pos clean 155x3 180x3
Power clean 225,235,246 x2
Bench 315 2x3 335x3 340x3
345x3 neg@375
DB inc 3x6 100,110,130x8
Push press/side raise 4x4/10â??ï¸?â??ï¸?
Skullies 3x10
Lat circuit 2x10 (chin,wide,climber)
DB row 2x10
Joes bicep circuit-
3x10sneg chins,6 inc curl, 12 hammer

Push jerk 5,4,3,3
Bench 6,5,5,4,4
Pull up 4x8
Inc 8,5,5
Row n’ shrug 4x12/10
Shoulder burn x 2

Mike- bj’s 10,5,3,1 & abs
Mo-Hang clean from block 4x4
Squat- 3x3 (work up to 485x3)
BB RDL/lunge circuit 3x5ea.70#
Leg press 2x20 rest pause
Add/abd 2x20
Kb swing -tabata finisher

A1. DB Incline3x5
A2. Lat Pulldown 3x8
B1 DB Shrug 4x 10
B2. DB Lateral Raise 4x10
Jump Squats 5x3

7/6 crap day
Bench 315 2x5 330 1x7
Landmine squat press 3x8-10
Trap bar Jump 3x3
Dips 3x8 slow
Tricep ext 4-5 sets

7/7 back/ham
Cambered Bar bentover rows-
1 Arm DB Row- 4x8
Stretcher Pulldowns-
(Mo)-Sumo deadlifts- Mike- Rack
worked up 3x6
DB Stiff legged deads- 3x15

200 m row x5 under 1 min
KB Snatch 5x5ea non stop
Bench up to 405?
Swiss press 3x8
Inc press 3x5
Side raise s/s KB swing 3x10/15

7/13 back
Weighted pull up 5x5
Power Rack pulls 3x6
Alternating (Trap bar) shrug 3x10
Stretcher pulldown 3x10
Rows 2x10 x 1 muscle sets
Pulldown 3x15

Bench Press 6,5,3,F 365x3
Swiss Press 3x~5 + push press fail
A1 Hammer strength incline
A2 side raise x10

Dynamic warm up
Deadlift 8,8,5,3 495x3 EASy!
Front squat 10,8,6
Leg Ext 2xhell
1st- multi drop set heavy to lite
2nd- heaviest plate x3 moving up
stack to the top 3 reps each. Use
Rest/pause w/ drops
Goodmorning 3x8
Calves 5-6 sets

Weighted Pull up w/ dif. grips 5x5
DB row 3 sets for reps
Seated row 1 easy set- 2xfail
Row Mach 5x200 <45sâ??ï¸?

7/18 felt crappy
DB Shoulder press 3x100’s (6,8,7)
Mach side raise 3x15
Rear delt Mach 3x?
Band front/rear delt raise 2 sets
30 min treadmill incline

340- 2x5 370x3 375x2
DB INC Yates style2w/u 1 HARD
45x10 80x10 110x8
Seated bb press 2x7 s/s
��side raise x10
LandMine press side to side 10,8,8

7/22 leg back
Explosive squats 5 sets <350
Leg press 5x10
Stiff leg DL 3x8
Rack pull/shrug 3x5/3
Neutral pull down 5x5
WIDE BB Rows 4x12

Snatch or clean 3x3
Bench( 5,3,1) 315, 350, 385x2
405x2 PR
Row in between each set x8-15
Pull down 3x10
Stretcher pulldown 3x10
Tricep hell
Light Bicep

Abs btw all sets
Tires n’ KB swings 30s/20s
Trap bar 5x5
Lunge/DB ham stretch walk 3x5ea
Calves 6 sets