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New Training Cycle


Hey guys this is just an idea for my next training cycle
Wanted to see what people think.
week 1 day 1
pause bench 3x3 @9
CAT Bench
4x4 70%
paused close grip
5x3 @9

Day 2
1x3 @8
speed pulls
Day 3
2x3 @8
CAT Bench
5x3 65%

Day 4
Front squats
4x3 @7-8

Day 5
feet up bench
3x3 @9
incline bench
3x5 @8

day 6
1x3 @8
box squats
4x4 @9

and i don't feel like typing out the rest.
So the next week would have 5's on the main movement and rack pulls in place of deads on day 6.
the third week would be heavy singles on the main movement.
Rep ranges on the supplemental work stay more or less the same.
assistance is mostly arms and back for upper body and hips, abs, and GHR's for the lower body


This is stupid. 531 time