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New Training Approach

Okay, sure I’ve come pretty far in all my years training, and yes, I was a damn lucky SOB to get the chance to train with Coach Thibs, but I think I may have stumbled upon the ultimate program which will propel me to greatness and easily snag a pro card at my next show…



Man, Gold’s will really throw their name on anything these days, won’t they.

You can’t handle that hardcore stuff

I’m sold. Did you see how fit those cartoon characters looked?

That is where I have been going wrong. I don’t have a balance board and wii personal trainer in my living room.

I’m kind of embarrased to have owned a Wii at one point now.

And the trainer in the online video was totally jacked,… just like Brad in Fight Club!


We all laugh at this thing, but sadly it’s better than most are getting now. So if it gets a few people off the couch and moving who otherwise wouldn’t be moving at all, then it is actually doing some good.

I hate to even have to admit this, but that’s how sad things have gotten lately for a large portion of the population.

Balance is key. Lets all dance on medicine balls so we can get six packs.

[quote]Genocide_General wrote:
Balance is key. Lets all dance on medicine balls so we can get six packs.[/quote]

you aint shit until you can do 10 lb db curls on a bosu ball. Poser.

That link made my eye start twitching.

FUCK, I didn’t watch the whole video.