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New Trainer (Need Advice Badly)

Ive just started doing nightly Curls. Im tired of being flabby! After 2 weeks of doing this routine:

the curls i do with a 10 lbs bar and a 10 lbs weight on each side…

4 sets of
Curl - 8 reps halfway up
Curl - 8 reps halfway down
Curl - 8 reps all the way up & down
Tricep Lift? - 30 lifts behind my back with a 20 lbs dumbell for triceps

i do notice a big diffrence but i need to drop pounds… So i need advice on dropping pounds + advice on lifting… I want to work my upper body mostly… And am just looking for ANY advice… and after reading some post and seeing some pictures… And thinking “Wow can my arms and chest look like that?!” I decided to register and ask for ANY advice!!

Do a search in the magazine section for beginner workouts.

actually read the whole FAQ… should be on the left of your screen


Yes, do the search as suggested. However, remember this one simple fact: If you work the largest muscles, rather than the smallest, you will see the biggest difference!

For example, working your arms as you described is okay, but if you spent the same amount of time working your back and shoulder muscles you would reap a greater benefit as they are larger than your arm muscles.

The good part is your arm muscles would also be worked by building your shoulder and back muscles. It is simply the economy of time and motion.

One last thing. Do not ignore your legs. I know you walk around with pants on all day and you think no one can see them, but from your hips on down lie your biggest most impressive muscles: Glutes and legs!

Now, go to your T-search.

Best Of Luck To You,


Go find the beginners blast off program at t-mag.

Don’t forget diet!

Diet is as important, if not more, if your goal is to “drop some pounds”. If you’re too flabby, doing biceps curls isn’t going to do jack shit. Think about the energy expenditure of curling a 20 lb. bar. Now think about the energy expenditure of deadlifting (lifting from the floor to your waist) a 135 lb. bar… big difference, huh?

We could throw around some Physics equations to show this, but there’s no need. Moving big weight over big distances=big gains. Moving little weight over small distances=small gains. You can move big weight over big distances with the big basic lifts.

Now marry big basic lifts–to paraphrase Chris Shugart: “Deadlift, Bench, Squat, Chin, Row, Military press and their variations, the rest is secondary”–with a solid dietary regimen–T-Dawg 2.0 is an obvious choice for losing fat–and you’ll be set as a beginner to make some gains.

At some point in the future, you may want to do some cardio or energy systems work to help tilt the equation even more in your favor. Just set up a big-basic split (Shugart’s “Beginner’s Blast-off” will work) with a dietary plan (T-dawg 2.0) for now.

Oh, and please read the FAQ.

Dan “Repeating Myself for Effect” McVicker

Ditto. Read the FAQ. Find a whole body workout program and do that first. Also, start a food log and begin to concentrate on making the correct food choices.