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New Toys and Training.

Ok day one of testing out my new little toys. They will include Iron Woody bands and kettle grip. Also a reverse hyper I made that attaches to the low pulley on my rack (this also converts to a bunk bed. LOL seriously). Just trying to spice stuff up a bit. LOL

Today I did speed work with the bands and gotta say this will be a HUGE help in my opinion. Speed I feel is a limiting weak point right now in my training and I feel these will be effective at bring that point up.

You are able to really explode on the movements and then as you reach the top instead of having the momentum that pulls on you, the bands kill that and allow for a quick decent and repeat.

For example with squats this led to being able to explode out of the bottom with the power and speed one would if doing a high jump or jump squats. Not only did the resistance increase as you went up and into your stronger areas of the ROM, you also didn?t have to worry about leaving that ground and having to reset form, or land wrong with a load on your back. The bands once again killed the momentum and had enough resistance to keep you firmly planted even after excerpting maximum speed and strength.

Other things did today were: bench. This was great as, the bands gave a whole new feel and I think lead to a greater recruitment of the stabilizers, as well as the positives mentioned above with the squats.

I also in one of my creative moments noticed I was able to hook the bands up to my plate loaded high low pulley machine. This allowed me to be able to do various speed pulling movements without the plate flying up in the air upon reaching the end of the motion. Pretty sweet.

So far I am stoked to try this stuff out over the next week and start my new training cycle using them.

Up next will be heavy work with the bands and some kettle bell stuff. That and nailing the proper loads and fine tuning my homemade creation. LOL

I’ll also try and get pics of some of this stuff if anyone is interested.


sounds good. I just got my bands from ironwoody and I am glad to hear they are useful for speed work. Can’t wait to use them on deadlifts this saturday.

OK, did the heavy work in order to figutre out the loads I will be starting with during my next training cycle. Gotta say using these bands and heavy lifting, well any lifting is a different animal all together, but I LIKE IT. So far.

I will say I think I was right about the further use of the stabilizers on bench pressing with the bands. Day after the light work I had some minor soreness in little areas on shoulders upper arms etc… that I normally do not. Kinda nice.

Anyhow worked on Sqauts, and bench today with the bands as well as weight chins. Spent the first half of the w/o figuring out the weight to use on my squats and super setted that with the chins. I ended up using the green Iron Woodys band and then workin up to a 1RM. It is very humbling to see that few plates on the bar along with the Bands. It will be interesting to test a true 1RM here in a couple months to see how/if I progress.

The bench I decided to go with a double over in order to get more band resistance through the whole ROM. Talk about a different animal. It is simply a totally differt feeling all together with the bands producing the majority of the resistance.

I dont know how others feel about it but It seems to make the movement SMOOTH all together compared to simply a plate weighted bar. Meaning the bar speed/resistance feels more consistant due to the fact as you get through the weaker portion and into the stronger portion of the lift the resistance gets tougher. Even though you are pushing harder and with more force the bands slow the momentum and add greater resistance. I could really feel the difference near the end of this w/o.

With the bench I did much the same as the squat started out a little light and then wored up to a 1RM and then dropped it back down for a few sets at the weight I plan on starting my training cycle with.

So to make a long story short, got my weights all nailed. Going to take one more day of experimenting, retesting etc… of all these loads on Monday, and break out that kettle grip. Then will kick off the training cycle on thursday after two days off.

Only thing that has me a bit worried is the fact of usding a lighter load at the bottom of the movement. Could this lead to further weakening a weak point if used to much. I am thinking that some work dedicated to the bottom portion of the movments may be warranted. Not sure we’ll see how this works out.

Great to be back moving some larger loads again, and these bands just add a bit more excitement somehow, a freshness to lifting that further feeds the fire to get in the gym. So if that is all I get out of it I will consider the choice of getting them allready a winner.


So it will begin tomorrow. I?m siked I actually cheated and couldn?t wait and did what will be my usual Monday w/o this Monday. It was awesome. I had planned a don week but just couldn?t wait. LOL

I think I am finally getting this three day split down to somewhere it fits ME and MY goals. After being used to anywhere from 5-6 days in the gym I have found it a bit different to get the results I want from a three day spilt. I have been forced into this do to time restraints and such with well life issues.

So this will be adaption # 3. Each has had results and given me something to build on as will this one. Started with the original CW?s TBT. Had good results but some areas didn?t work for ME, made some changes and had continued success with the changes I made but still had some fall short and had some frustration in that. Now I think this one is getting close to where I need it. Where it will fit my goals of both size and strength. Well see.Its all about experience learning and finding what works for YOU. Trying new things, sift through it and find the cream out of the crop in each program.

That and this band work just has me fired up, and the new stimulus/varied resistance is AWESOME!!!

I am thinking I might throw up my training log for peeps to check out and comment on. It?d be interesting anyway. Only problem being I am sure to get a BUNCH of ppl bitching about they way in which I am using bands, and my bastardized total body work out. You have to remember though I am doing what I know works for ME. In a sense starting with a solid plan and making adaptation that I have found work for ME. I am incorporating bands into MY routine. I am simply interested in being Strong and adding some size. I am not a power lifter, but am using bands. Do I have anything against power lifting Hell NO, nothing but respect, just not interested in competing right now, maybe sometime in the future.

Ah well that may seal the deal. A little drama never hurt and tends to keep things interesting. So I will most likely throw up my log starting tomorrow.

Till then I just gotta say again anyone thinking about getting bands I suggest them so far simply on the fact that it is FUN. Throws a new aspect in there. It?s early to post results but I am sure this will help out. The speed work and heavy work is just totally different with the resistance of the bands, in a seemingly good way. Also I have spent more money on lesser shit. A set of bands at Ironwoodys is not that Huge of an investment. Just my 2 cc.

Still need to get into that kettle grip a bit more. I have thrown it around a little more and have found it awesome just not ready to a honest review on it yet

Anyhow. I?m ready to roll. One more day of rest, writing papers, etc… for school and the fun begins.

Oh, and mom says Hi all. She doing great!!! Glad to be back and working on making consistant progress in all aspects of LIFE.


Ok it begins.

I would explain my thinking behind this program but not sure if I will be just wasting my time talking to myself. I figure either I will get some attentuion in the form of what the hell are you thinking or nothing at all. so I will simply just post what I do.

If their is interest, or questions I will be gald to throw up my thinking behind my little mutt of a program, and why UI made the changes I did and why it fits ME.

Here you go. Day one

Day 1 Pull TBT
Upright Rows 3 sets=95x12, 115x9/2, 137 x 5/1

BO Rows 3 sets=137x12, 160x10, 172x7

Chins/lat pdowns 3 sets=116x12, bodyweight x 7, 5/2

Db rows to hip 2 sets= 54 x 12, 76x10

barbell curls 2 sets =95x7, 106x4/2

preacher curl 2 sets=55x10, 72x5

hammer curl drop sets to failure, 45lbs, 30lbs 20lbs

Push and leg work=

Squat 10 x 3 heavy/w bands= 247 = green bands NO FAILURE

Bench 5 x 15 speed/w bands= double over red bands NO FAILURE changed this to 12’s for last three I was losing the speed I wanted

1 hour 5 minutes in and out, GREAT work out I loved it.

Next day will be saturday for resistance training. will do a little cardio tomorrow.


Ok didnt post yesterday as it would have bored you more than these days. I did 30 minutes moderate cardio on elipticle due to a damn winter storm, then did a brief but brutal ab w/o in the PM.

Todays w/o =

Day 2 legs TBT Sat Feb 25
Squat 3 sets=225x12, 295x9, 345x3

Deads (sumo)3 sets= 295 x 12, 345x8, 395x3

Step ups 3 sets each leg= 40x12, 62x10, 84x6

Leg curls 2 sets=88x12, 121.5x3

Leg extension 2 sets=121.5x12, 166.5 x8

Calf raises 2 sets off blocks= 295x12,
345x10 then iso holds bouncing in top half of ROM to Burnout

Push and leg work=
Bench10 x 3 heavy/w bands= double over blue bands + 67lbs

Chins/lat pdown 5 x 15 speed/w bands=50 + pair of mini bands

All leg movemnets supersetted with an upper body movement, all 60 sec. rest.

Once again 65 minutes. I’m gonna feel this one in the morning. It was a great one though



Congrats on your new toys. You are going to love the bands. I ordered a set from Iron Woody about a month ago and they’re great. I also ordered one fo their squat boxes and am very pleased. I would highly recommend it. I had made my own a while ago but my carpentry skills suck. The Iron Woody box is awesome.

As for your concern about using a lighter load on your band movements, this was taken from CT"s Band Training for Big Gains Article:

"One problem with regular lifting is that the load doesn’t change during the movement. This is because you’re lifting an object (in this case a free-weight) of a constant mass. The problem with this is that this constant load will not place a maximal stimulation throughout the whole range of motion.

Let me explain: we all know that we’re stronger in a quarter squat than in a half squat, and we’re stronger in a half squat than in a full squat. This is nothing groundbreaking. But this means that the constant load will not provide the same impact during the whole range of motion. It will place the greatest overload in the initial portion of the lift because that’s where the relative importance of the load compared to the strength at the specific joint angle is the largest.

If you’re an athlete, this is an obvious problem because it deemphasizes the most important portion of the range of motion. And if you’re training to gain muscle it’s also a shortcoming of free-weight exercises since you’re basically using about half the rep to stimulate muscle growth while the other half doesn’t do much.

By using a combination of free-weight with additional band resistance at the same time, you can overload the whole range of motion since the bands will increase resistance as they’re stretched (toward the finishing portion of the movement), while the free-weight places the greatest overload in the initial portion. Thus the whole movement becomes effective at stimulating muscle growth!"

I was going to try and explain it myself but why mess with perfection.

Hope that helps.

Built big,

Thanks, and yes I am only really two days into this full fledged but am lovin it so far. It is a totally different stimulation.

Also it will only get better as the weeks go as the workouts will be easier do to knowing the loads to use and tryinmg to make steady progress on them.

Also thank for that article, I had read it and understand where he is coming from and all, but it is still a little humorus seeing the lighter load. But hey I dont mind, I train alone at home so no one to look at me funny and I frankly dont give a hoot. LOL Just took a bit to get the loads down with the different band combos and such.

I am loving the double over on the bench , it really adds a constant load from the bands and a major change in load during the last half of the motion.

We’ll see how it goes. So far atleast its been fun, and a challange. Nice to see if these changes and bands create what I hope.

Thanks again,

OK yesterday boring again, cardio. Didnt do the abs as I did two days prior and the leg day with all the squats and deads, etc hit the posterior chain pretty good.

30 MINS on eliptical weather again, but added the x vest, not bad.

Today = Mon feb 28th
Day 3 Push TBT
military 3 sets=111x12, 133x8, 155x2

Bench 3 sets=205x11, 216x7, 225x4

Decline bench 3 sets=205x10, 225x6, 236x4

Dips 2 sets=bwx9, bw+22x4

DB Press and fly ( press up fly eccentric) 2 sets32x8, 43x5 (5/0/0)

Stiff arm pullover 2 sets=11+mini bandsx10, 22=mini bandsx6 (5/0/0)

One set tri extension to burnout controlled, slow.

Push and leg work=

Chins/latpdown 10 x 3 heavy/w bands = bw+22 10x3

Squat 5 x 15 speed/w bands = 135+ green bands 5x15.

Well I week down little early to make any real conclusion but I gotta say I like it. The bands are awesome. Loving them for the heavy work on the day before I treally hit that muscle group and for the speed/recovery work on the day after. The speed work also is amazing, I love being able to do the squats with lighter weight and really PUSH hard and not go in the air. Essentially jumping without jumping. I think this could help n=many athletes with their verticle. Also the higher reps allow you to really program PERFECT form aloing with speed into memory.

Well see how I progress. I have high hopes as usual.



March 1st was cardio and 2nd was a day off.

Then back at it today. Made some progress nothing huge but felt good.

Day 1 Pull TBT thurs,March 2
Upright Rows 3 sets=106x12,122.7,144.5 x 4/1

BO Rows 3 sets=144.5x12,167.5x10/1,189.5x6

Chins/lat pdowns 3 sets=70+2 mini bands x12, bwx7,6/2

Db rows to hip 2 sets =76x12, 87x7

barbell curls 2 sets=95x8, 106x4/2

preacher curl 2 sets=55x11, 77x4

Hammer curl dropset burnout 45,30,22,11

Push and leg work=
Squat 10 x 3 heavy/w bands=258+greens all good

Bench 5 x 15 speed/w bands = 67+double over reds 5x13

Everything progressing nicely it seems I am loving this program. Upped the squats by 11 lbs, felt I could have done more but don?t want to reach failure on this day as that comes on the day I concentrate on legs and want to keep progressing a little every week. Same with bench dropped it to 5x13 to not reach failure. The speed work is more for that and recovery. But all seems to be great, Time dropped down to 55 minutes do to knowing the weights I needed and being a bit more familiar with the routine.


GREAT w/o, was able to move up in load and reps almost all the way through. Really felt great on the deads, little disappointed at the 2 reps on last set of squats but will nail out a few more next time round. Still getting used to the low rest periods.

Will say I think the combo of the speed/rep work, 10x3, and the volume day is working as planned after this much time. The Speed work has the effect of aiding recovery, then the next day with the 10x3 it knock down any/ if at all soreness left and gives a great w/o with heavier loads and leaves me Fresh and ready to roll on the volume day. Hope this keeps up, we’ll see.

All in all I’m having a blast, loving the bands and the layout in general. The mix just has me fired up. Allowing to not only hit volume but also move some heavy weight on the same day. Best of both worlds so to speak by mixing it up like this. I simply hated the high rep low load days as a dedicated day, though I liked the recovery. This way I get that benefit but Am also able to mix in some REAL lifting.

Anyhow heres today w/o, yesterday was cardio and Abs.

Day 2 legs TBT Sat Mar. 4th
Squat 3 sets=236x12, 306x8, 356x2

Deads (sumo)3 sets= 306x12, 356x9, 406x4

Step ups 3 sets each leg= 40x12, 62x9, 84x7

Leg curls 2 sets=100x12, 122x3

Leg extension 2 sets=144x12, 169x8/1

Calf raises 2 sets off blocks= 345x12, 395x10t hen iso holds bouncing in top half of
ROM to Burnout

Push and leg work=
Bench10 x 3 heavy/w bands= double over blue bands + 78lbs

Chins/lat pdown 5 x 15 speed/w bands=50 + pair of mini bands

Time 65 minutes. This one just takes a bit more time to load the bars for the various movements.

Ok. Not the greatest workout by the numbers but still one I consider a success. This due to the fact I had a number of things working against me from the start. So the little progress I made and regression in one lift was OK, I guess though it pisses me off a bit.

I will take this week with a grain of salt due to: the lack of rest I got, Only 5 hrs. Nutrition, in the five hours prior to my workout I had next to nothing to eat (couple cups of strawberries and a scoop of Grow! NOT ENOUGH), which led to me going into the gym in a way I rarely do. That of questioning myself. I went in not confident, that just leads to failure.

With all this I was still able to progress in most areas. Not a lot of progress but some. Still had a hell of a w/o just didn?t reach the numbers I hoped.

So, instead of looking down on myself I said screw it and took mom out for my first cheat meal (italian and ice cream) in a month and will try and get some good rest. Hopefully next week will continue with the progress I showed on the other 2 days, and prove to be as fruitful on the push day.

Yesterday was cardio

Today =

Day 3 Push TBT Mon mar 6th
military 3 sets=115x12, 137x8, 148x4

Bench 3 sets=205x11, 216x7, 225x4

Decline bench 3 sets=216x9, 225x5, 236x3

Dips 2 sets=bwx10, bw+22x5

DB Press and fly ( press up fly eccentric) 2 sets=43x6,5 (5/0/0)

Stiff arm pullover 2 sets=11+mini bandsx11, 22+mini bandsx7 (5/0/0)

One set tri extension to burnout controlled, slow.

Push and leg work=
Chins/latpdown 10 x 3 heavy/w bands = bw+27.5 10x3
Squat 5 x 15 speed/w bands = 135+ green bands 5x15.

Tues. Cardio and abs, yesterday rest.


Day 1 Pull TBT thurs,March 9th
Upright Rows 3 sets=111.5x12, 123x8,144.5 x 4/1

BO Rows 3 sets=150x12,172x8,199x4

Chins/lat pdowns 3 sets=77.5+2 mini bands x12, bwx8,7/1

Db rows to hip 2 sets =77.5x12, 92.5x6

barbell curls 2 sets=95x9, 106x4/2

preacher curl 2 sets=55x12, 77x5

Hammer curl dropset burnout 45,30,22,11

Push and leg work=
Squat 10 x 3 heavy/w bands=263.5+greens all good

Bench 5 x 15 speed/w bands = 67+double over reds 5x13

Another great w/o and steady progress. Up in all pulls and other movements. BB Curls got a little screwed as I F?d up and did the Preacher curls first. But still etched out another rep. Added another 5.5 lbs to the 10x3 squats, and got a few more comfortable reps on the bench.

So Great overall…


Yesterday cardio and abs


Day 2 legs TBT Sat Mar. 12th
Squat 3 sets=247x12, 313.5x7, 357.5x3

Deads (sumo)3 sets= 319x12, 363x8, 407x4

Step ups 3 sets each leg= 51x12, 73x8, 95x8

Leg curls 2 sets=105.5x12, 122x3

Leg extension 2 sets=157x12, 192x5

Calf raises 2 sets off blocks= 361x12, 411x10 + iso holds bouncing in top half of
ROM to Burnout

Push and leg work=
Bench10 x 3 heavy/w bands= double over blue bands + 78lbs

Chins/lat pdown 5 x 15 speed/w bands=50 + pair of mini bands

Great W/o progressed all around was very happy with the squats moving up in both reps and weight all the way through even rushing a bit and finishing in 60 mins. That and made the slight load progress in the 10x3 bench I was hoping for with NO problem all in all a productive w/o all the way across. Hope it continues to the next w/o.

Couple other things of note/possible interest.

  1. I started this training cycle and decided to use all the little purple Kre-Alkalyn creatine that every damn compnay is hyping up and selling as SUPER creatine with 10 stronger and 100% absorption. I had received a mass quantity of these at the olympia expo and figured I would give them a go. Well didnt see anything from them through the first two weeks. Ran out and switched back to my usual plain old creatine monohydrate micronized stuff. The pump I am getting this week is GREAT a noticeable difference with that being the only change. So I will be stick with the regualr old creatine. Nice to know myself that what I suggerst to others seems to ring true. Dont waste your money on that crap.

  2. While the w/o’s are going GREAT and progress is being made every w/o I am under the impression that this backoff week of sorts will be timed just right. As of this week the effects of these w/o’s are starting to accumulate and be felt. Just feel a little beat up. Not enough to hamper progress but if I were to continue at this rate with no down ramp I think it would take its toll.

The back off week wont really be an off week just a mahor drop in volume. Instead of the concentration on one area with HIGH volume along side the total body w/o I will simply be doing 3 days 1 push, 1 pull, 1 legs. Going heavy and working up to a 1RM. Possibly a true 1 rm and try and see if I can get a new PR.

So a MAJOR drop ion volume but still moving HEAVY loads and even moreso than during the previos weeks.

I will the move to much the same cycle only a swap in the push/pull and legs movements. Most likely switch them to deads, decline bench and bent over rows. Do that for three weeks and then swap again. most likely back to squats, incline bench and maybe upright rows. with the backoff PR 1rm week after every third.

Well Off to drop mom at the airport. Have a great day all and nice weekend.

Today = Good w/o but progressed in all except Flat Bench, not as much as I hoped in others either. I KNOW why though refer to below.

Day 3 Push TBT Mon mar 14th
military 3 sets=120.5x12, 142.5x7, 153.5x4

Bench 3 sets=205x10, 216x7, 225x4

Decline bench 3 sets=216x9, 225x6, 236x4

Dips 2 sets=bwx10, bw+27.5x5

DB Press and fly ( press up fly eccentric) 2 sets=43x7,6 (5/0/0)

Stiff arm pullover 2 sets=22+mini bandsx9, 33+mini bandsx5 (5/0/0)

One set tri extension to burnout controlled, slow.

Pull and leg work=
Chins/latpdown 10 x 3 heavy/w bands = bw+30.25 10x3 good
Squat 5 x 15 speed/w bands = 135+ green bands 5x15.good

Well while I great w/o and made little steps acroos the board I am still a little pissed. Regressed in the flat bench and not enough during the weeks in the others.

I have, I think figured out the problem. The Program NO! It is working awesome on both pull and legs but not on push. The problem is me, both psychological and not following the program. Letting my damned ego I guess you would say make me not train smart.

The latter being easy to fix. It Is simply the fact of the speed/recovery work with the bands. While on the pull and leg days I used a load that gave a nice w/o, but was well away from reaching failure in all the sets of 5x15. It aided recovery helped form and speed I think. But on bench I used a load with the bands that the first week found me failing short of the desired rep range. So instead of doing the smart thing and lowering the load. I didn?t want to use less resistance (EGO) I decided to keep the same load and try to progress a little every week. So I was on the very edge of reaching failure on the last few sets. I could not have completed one more. So instead of having a day that aid recovery I was killing my muscles again. NOT GOOD. So I will change that.

The other issue is all mental I think. My flat bench has been stuck for a bit now and I go into it NOT confident. I have failed in a sense before I have began. Gotta do some soul search smack the shit outta myself, train smart and HARD and fix this.

Its back off week then a change of exercise choices I will be sure to keep these points in mind and see how it goes.


Well I think I have timed this just right, After the last day I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Had DOMS all over and was pretty damned achy, ram down etc… Reaching the edge of overtraining possibly, a nice state of over reaching for sure form the previous weeks.

So this week of dropping the total body aspect to the training, and just doing push/ pull, and legs one day each was a solid idea. giving plenty of time to recover.

Lats two days was one day cardio, yesterday nothing but just usual activity.

Today was pull day. Worked up to a 1 RM in chins ( a pittiful 62 lbs @ a BW of 210) Was hoping it would be a bit higher, never had done a 1rm on Chins.

Along with this did abs and then worked on nailing the weights and such I will start using next week on bent over rows on another cycle same as I just did.Needed to figure out the band tensions and such. Did that and various other pulls and a couple sets of BB curls.

Next will be leg day. Hopin for a new PR we’ll see.


Well Pretty good day. I was hoping for a new PR on squats but it didn?t happen. Got a shabby 405, 416 flattened me twice.

Noticed I need to really max out more frequently been more than 4 months. Only had loaded 355 for reps as of late. The added weight was a real eye opener. Just need to stay comfortable with the HEAVY load.

Anyway I am confident this is a true 1rm. Used a box to touch and go that was set at one inch + below paralell, Once I touched it I would hit the gas. Give me a true area to shoot to improve on. I have been doing all squats to approx 4-5 inches below parallel.

After the squats I worked on the deads and getting the loads and band combos for the next cycle. Got that and ended up pulling 390 with double over blues what ever that equates to. ??

Also did abs and a few other things here in ther during rest periods.

Anyway that?s about it. Diggin this back off week and am itching for next week. One more day of this being push. Then two days off and back at it.

Oh yesterdat was cardio.