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New Toy

Well I did. I paid off my Jeep and being that I can’t stand to be without a car payment I bought this truck. Now being that there are some really witty and sarcastic people on this board I thought you could help me out with a Vanity plate. Here is what I got right now:

My B R T = My Big Red Truck
My BigTY = My Big Toy
BigLftr = Big Lifter
TesTsr1 = Testosterone (Thats a stretch)
In10se = Intense

I am leaning towards the first one. I don’t want to have a vanity plate like “I’m DA MAN” or some other narcissistic plate. So what do you think?


 w8t lbr? LOL thats a BIIIIG stretch - weight pounder.

 Sorry, I had nothing else to do...(retreats in shame)

w8tlftr was already taken, No need to retreat I didn’t post the lame ones I thought up LOL.

…wondering if I could pull that truck…


i think that in10se would be a good name but i like my big toy too. but thats me.

Patricia, I think you could pull it with the bed loaded down with cases of Beer and Hot Rox or at least flip it a couple hundred feet.

I just checked and in10se is already taken dammit! Ah well back to the drawing board.

How in dificulty does pulling vehicles compare to pushing? Do you pull by harness or by ropes?

I just saw a car this morning with plates: BCHPLEZ. I laughed my ass off. You could get LKMYNTZ, but if you’re in OH you better hurry. I know someone who is trying to get this already.


Worked great on my Rocket in college.

(Say the letters aloud if you don’t get it.)

How about “h82Bsml”?

E McKee:

You can pull a truck or car by either a harness or rope. I’ll be pulling a car (Saturn Vue) in Boise with a rope.

One of the guys in our group just competed in the California Strongest Man and he pulled sometype of plane via a harness AND rope (as support and guide, too).

It’s rather funny now, that’s the first thing that pops in my head when I see a car/truck: If I can pull the damn thing.

Nice truck!

How about just dropping the “e” and finding out if n10se is taken?

OOPS. I meant drop the “I”…most of the time a can spell. :slight_smile:

One other question Patricia/ any strongman/woman type:

How do you attach the rope to the car, or to what do you attach it?


Char I Like that, kinda double meaning with a big truck. Here are some I like:


HRD BDY was available but thats just to vain for me.