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New Toy


I know this is kind of douchey, but I haven't bought a new vehicle in 12 years. Just needed to share the joy.


Douchey as in posting a pic of my new truck. Not the truck itself.


I'll throw these in too, for those who could give two shits about the truck.


Don't know WTF happened there.


It looks awesome! Great looking body and chassis. The truck's nice too.


Love it. The truck.


You bought American. Good man.



Congrats! I was going to do the same thing a couple of months ago but figured that no one would give a crap about a Chevy Aveo.

It's a nice feeling though, buying a brand new vehicle.


I worked for a company and I had to drive a pontiac wave(exact same vehicle). I have short arms and long legs and the wave was so adjustable.<--What I liked the most about it. lol


Long legs AND an epic rackk?
You bitch.


Double frakking post.

Ink is the truck black? I'm on my phone looks like it might be navy...


No, it's green. Check your phone's screen.


X 2

Cool truck, Ink


Great vehicle!


Did you lose your pants in the deal?

I crack myself up.


Nah, toss the chick. At least the truck is real.


Thats the ONLY way to buy!


Nope, it's black. They had a really bad ass dark gray color too, but I had to go with black.


Congrats on the new vehicle


I approves.