New Tool Music on Spotify

Tool is now on Spotify which is fantastic news. They’ve got a new album coming out and they have a single available from it. Sounds like they’re running with what they had going in 10,000 Days, but it’s only one song so hard to say for certain. Sweet!


Thanks for the reminder. Gonna check it out now.

Tool finally on streaming… we’re almost at 100 percent.

Whose left besides Garth Brooks holding out strong? The last true artist of the world.

I like the new song. I’ve been kind of worried that after 13 years or whatever that this album would be a let down.

Care to elaborate? Not being an ass, just curious what you mean.

I kinda figured we’d just never see another album from them before they started putting out crappy music, ala RHCP. Their style also doesn’t really lend itself to simply pumping out an album which is nice.

There were only a handful of major multi platinum selling artists holding out from streaming their music, Tool and Garth Brooks being the biggest left after The Beatles and AC/DC caved in.

CORRECTION: I actually thought Garth Brooks was still holding out, but apparently that’s not true as he made his music available in 2016. Since I’m not a fan of his I didn’t realize this. Ooops.

So it looks like Tool was the last of them. There’s a few smaller acts like Aaliyah and De La Soul that haven’t put their music up but all the big big artists are all on in.

My feelings are mixed about it, honestly. On one end its nice having them on streaming, like all my fav acts, but I can’t lie it does diminish the artistic quality of music. I dunno.

Anyways, I really like this new song. Yes it does sound like it came from 10k days, but it’s still really good. I feel like this album is going to be a grower, requiring you to sit back in the dark and let it all in. Definitely not an album for the streaming age, but that’s a good thing. I’m happy.

Tool is delivering.

Never something I’d be concerned with with this band haha.

Thanks for clarifying. As a consumer, I really dig the streaming services (Spotify premium for me). I’ve discovered more new music through the pre-made playlists than I probably would ever have otherwise.

I haven’t really put any thought into whether or not it diminishes the artistic quality of the music, I’d say no, but probably best to take it on a band-to-band basis.

Could you elaborate on your point with regards to artistic quality? I do not follow, seeing as no-one — as far as I am aware — is producing albums that are only released on Spotify (yet) in the same sense as certain TV-shows, movies, and even video-games are “exclusive”. So how does it affect the artistic quality?

I have a lot of concerns with the subscription model afforded to us by Spotify, as I believe it affects the way we as consumers interact with the material that we ingest to such an end that we become less invested in the material as there is always more for us to listen to.

The activity of archiving songs with the same efforts as was put into mix-tapes started disappearing when hard-drives grew larger, but you still shared music among friends in a more intimate way than just sharing a Spotify-link.

It is certainly easier now, but I’m not convinced that is better in every regard.

And, to go off on a tangent, I believe Spotify has been instrumental in how copyright- and anti-pirating law today came into shape and I, for one, think these laws are phrased too crudely and that these laws together with an infinite stream of content culture have gone from being read-write to being read-only in a sense. I’m not claiming that Spotify as a company participated in the lobbying for these laws rather they served as an example of a distributor that seemed to be operating in a more legal sense than say BitTorrent-networks.

Spotify, to me, is what monocultures are to agriculture. Fortunately, there is still SoundCloud.

I want to like tool…like I want to like Jazz. I saw MJK on Joe Rogan the other week, and heard about this. I checked out this song, but it still doesn’t strike chord with me. It does however sound like a classic Tool song, so I’m sure you fans are glad to hear it.

Enjoy your music…wierdo’s

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You didn’t like that part when it was like “weeEerrowwwwwe” and the drums were like kabumpitabumpbump–kabumpitabumpbump… "

That’s my favorite part!

Edit: actually really like Tool. Different tunes at different times, but man, they hit the spot for me.


Check out Khruangbin. If you like them, you can still consider yourself “cool”.

/Tool & Jazz-lover.

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Don’t really care that they’ve now entered the ‘streaming’ era. I have 2 copies of every one of their CDs, 1 copy unopened, just in case I lose the other, although I’ve already ripped the opened copies onto practically every available music file format, then burned them onto CDs for each of my cars/trucks. In reality, the unopened copies will stay likely stay that way because I like collecting my childhood in mint condition.

Already ordered the limited edition Fear Inoculum in time before amazon and other sites stopped allowing pre-orders due to the massive amount of orders placed. I’ve secured mine.

Glad younger generations will have a chance to listen to them but doubt many will ever have the patience to experience their music the way older fans have…on vinyl or cd, whole thing played at once. On repeat. Multiple times. Hallucinogens were the icing on the cake when I was in highschool/college.

I’m pretty sure kidz these dayz will start wearing tool shirts again as a fashion statement. ‘Hey! Look at me! I’m cool cuz I like this cool band most others my age have never heard of! They were around before I was even an itch in my dad’s ballsack!’ Lolz @ myself. I’m sure when I was younger and wearing Led Zeppelin t-shirts, the adults around me thought the same thing.

Not that I care. Their music is great. Much better than Maynard’s stupid politically-motivated soapbox, a perfect circle. Except for Mer De Noms. And most of 13th step… -Grandpa out.


my bad it’s taking me a while to respond but I would like to get into this… maybe later tonight

And YouTube.

Not fan uploads either. Their own channel.

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you kinda answered it here

because people are consuming music through streaming, producers are creating music to fit streaming habits and the way people engage. If a song isn’t automatically catching someone within seconds people simply skip to the next thing, or the next artist. Songs are now structured to give you that immediate ‘catch’

I’ve heard that one Swedish producer that is responsible for more than 50 percent of the last 20 years of pop number 1s has this shit down to a formula based on algorithms or something. Like, fucking come on. Ya know?

Obviously this doesn’t apply to Tool so I don’t mean in this instance. But I do hope that I don’t have to hear a Tool song when I walk into a Starbucks now, that for me is killing the artistic quality of the music as well.

I think folks have probably done that since radio stations became available in abundance (I’m too young to put a stamp on when this may have been). I’d say there’s always been two, maybe more but I’ll stick to just two, types of music fans: 1. People who just listen to music 2. People who are INTO music. I think you fall into 2 based on what you’ve written, and the folks in your example fall into category 1. They’ll always be there consuming the lame pop stuff, while others like us will give a song or an album a fair shake before deciding “yeah, this does suck” haha.

Alternatively, that could be the coolest friggin Starbucks in town.

I can’t believe this Friday we will have a brand new Tool album.

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The whole Tool library has been released, lead singer was on JRE a few weeks ago and stated as much. Pandora has all there stuff on a station at this time.

yes, we know. hence the title of the thread.

Today is the day.

Anyone dive in yet? I’m waiting for tonight.

I’ve been listening to “Fear Innoculum” and a bunch of their YouTube channel while riding my bike. Makes it easy to put on another few miles.