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New to WS4SB


Hey guys I heard about ws4sb 3 from a friend, I play competitive basketball and I am pretty athletic right now I'm 6'2 180 pounds I'm skinny wirey strong 40 inch running vert, and I have good quickness. So I guess what I was wondering is what I will get out of ws4sb 3, I want to increase my vert,quickness,explosion,speed and stregnth. For my sport I want to remain agile, I want to be an athletic beast on the court but I don't want to lose mobility what do u guys think?


Think you should run the template and let us know how it worked in 12 weeks. My guess is if you follow it correctly and have your diet and rest in order that you will be very happy with the results.


Thank you, I guess I failed to mention that I am training to play pro ball my skills are there but my body however i feel is not I have 1 year to improve myself until the tryout I will be going out for. So I'm going to give this my best shot. How much should I be eating I mean calorie wise and what levels of fats, carbs, protiens and such I'm not too sure.


don't worry too much about the numbers. start off eating 2-3x more than you usually eat now, especially pre and postworkout. what you should be careful about is including fats in your preworkout meal and to exclude them in your postworkout meal. also "eat" during your workout. I always see plenty of guys at the gym with either water or a colored drink (probably Gatorade or a creatine mix) but not a protein/carb shake.


Thanks Ill post some results in a few weeks, gonna give it my best


Btw this is what my routine is looking like

Shooting various drills
Max effort upper body

Dribbling drills
Dynamic effort lower body

Hot yoga/rest

Repetition upper body

Dribbling drills
Max effort lower body

Sat and sun rest

Does this look good or does it seem like too much of course I won't be going nutts in the drills everyday but it's my off season and I need to work hard, thoughts please


it looks identical to the template, and you're doing your skills work first which is good. are you stretching every day too or just on your yoga day?

don't forget to eat. at 210 lb you should be a beast on the court.


If you have a 40" running vert you're already an athletic beast on the court. I'm guessing that your "40" is more like "35", but that's fine. I like your setup, though if you can I'd run pickup at least one day a week, and with your proposed schedule I'd shoot for Saturday. You could even sneak another day in on Wednesday before your yoga. If you're trying to go somewhere with this you will NEED to play pickup against real comp to keep your game sharp and use the new tools you'be given yourself during the off-season. That'll give you 6 days a week to cover all your bases. Don't do shit on Sunday but relax and eat if you can.


Ok I am athletic on the court but I wanna be more athletic at a bigger stronger size I guess is what I'm trying to say like I'm lean my upper body is small that's my weakest part it's lean my legs are naturally strong I can walk into 275 squats proper. I'll do 12 weeks and I'll post up some results every 4 weeks, thanks guys


How old are you, and where do you play? How are you trying "to play pro ball"? A lot of what you've written doesn't add up. Not trying to insult you, just that what you're saying doesn't make sense.


When I said ok I meant no my vert isn't 35 it's a true 40 on average it's 39, and my standing vert is 32.5, I am a 2 foot jumper. That is what I meant didn't mean to confuse things I was ranting on my iPod. To answer your question I am 20 years old just tryin to grow baby I don't have the knowledge yet and I'm asking because I'd love to learn while I'm young. I plan on going over to Europe to play could be anywhere now, I might start off in the aba then go over to Europe. that won't be for atleast 2 years. I just want to get my body at the level it needs to be.


Are you in school somewhere? If not, how do you plan on getting over there, let alone a tryout? Either this is a major troll post, or you're a naive kid who doesn't understand how the pro ball system works. Nothing you're writing makes ANY sense.


Oh yeah almost forgot i must be naive kid, because i am asking for help. Please don't make comments like that i don't need them, There are many ways of getting there and getting tryouts... For example the IBL, or the ABA gateway leagues to get picked up overseas(or getting tryouts).

You get your games recorded and you play with professional players and talent. There is an ABA tryout in my city august 26 and 27 that just might be a step in the right direction wouldn't you think? You have to get exposure and these leagues do just that.


Dude, do you have any college experience? Did you play at a name highschool against top talent around the country? Do you have any vids of your 40" vert, or of you doing anything on the court? I've asked those questions 3 times now and you won't answer them. You're talking to a guy who's been around basketball a long time, and you sound like either a troll or some kid who's spitting out random numbers on an internet board and has no idea of what he's talking about.