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New to Working Out. So Confused!

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Lonnie is giving you solid advice per usual of him, i do feel like there are some things that need to be established before you do get set with things such as…

What is your current diet like? For many women eating the proper amounts is often a struggle, if you are eating like a bird all day and doing an S-load of cardio on top of that deficit you will end up more mary-kate or ashley olsen(whatever one looks like a toothpick) Plus, seeing how you eat, there could be a lot of holes in your diet that need to be cleaned up, its hard to out train a crappy diet, not to mention the possible health aspect.

What lifts are you familiar with? Do you know how to bench, squat, deadlift? What lifts have you actually performed and how is your technique on said lifts? For many women its about finding something they enjoy doing and making it work.

Knowing the answer to those two questions will go a long ways to helping you further reach your goals. We have to kind of know a lot of the details of where you’ve been to know how to get you where you want to go. This is just my 2cents though. Oddly enough i’ve been looking for a girl that looks like Jenna Renee so i’m rooting for you to get there, j/k, kinda.[/quote]

I respond to everything you said tomorrow Lonnie (so much homework due by tomorrow!) but as for my diet like Easy asked, I am trying to do a high protein, low fat diet. I look for the leanest of meats. The meats I prefer are fish, chicken, and turkey. I include veggies in my dinner and my breakfast is always oatmeal and maybe a fruit. My “snack” would be cake batter whey mixed with milk. I’m trying to up my meals but I’m not exactly sure what the correct number is. My typical meal goes like this:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and my all time favorite fruit right now, Asian pear.
Lunch: brown rice mixed with egg (very typical and only do this during the day, especially if I won’t be eating for awhile)
Protein power with milk before or after workout or any time I have to “skip” a meal. Mostly Thursdays.
Dinner: Very addicted to steamed carrots, zucchini, and squash right now with some sort of meat, typically turkey burgers/meatloaf or baked fish/chicken or grilled.

I HATE soda and I am okay with tea but I am a heavy water drinker. I can’t get enough of it! Although I need to up the intake.

I am familiar with all of the ones you mentioned Easy and have performed all three. My bench form, from what I have been told, is very good. My deadlift has greatly improved but I still have to watch my form so I know I am getting it right. As for my squat, I kind of struggle with it. My stupid ex never helped me with it like he said he would! My biggest problem is going down with the bar. It tends to dig into my shoulder bones. I’m assuming it has something to do with my lineup. I do have mild scoliosis that makes them a tad uneven. Not sure if that has to do with anything. One of my legs is an inch shorter than the other too so I tend to lean on one more than the other.

Lol your comment made me laugh! Well I want to move but definitely not to Ohio and after this stupid break up, I just want some ME time. I’m thinking of living with my family in Italy for a year!

You’re actually not doing too bad with your food choices, i was actually kind of expecting something a lot worse than that. First off, don’t be afraid of good healthy fats, in fact they should be a staple of your diet, outside of the fats you get from lean meats and fish, things like nut butters(natural peanut butter, almond butter, etc) fish oil, extra virgin coconut oil, whole eggs, etc are very good for you and should be consumed.

I would like to see you get some protein with your breakfast, Oatmeal is a fine carb source in the morning and having fruit for breakfast is also good as it will refill liver glycogen which is low in the mornings, try to limit fruits to that time of the day. One thing i will add about oatmeal is that it can be trouble for some, so if you feel bloated or gassy after eating it you may want to think about switching to something rice based(puffed rice, cream of rice, rice & shine cereal or creamy buckwheat)

You could easily move the eggs to the morning which would give you your protein or add some whey protein and nut butter to your oatmeal to get some protein in there. And i’d rather see you add in something like lean turkey, ground beef, or chicken and fish at lunch with the rice and what you typically are doing for dinners sounds just fine to me so you can keep that up.

Dump the milk as a pre-training additive to your whey, if you can’t afford a good quality training nutrition supplement like Surge Workout Fuel, i’d rather see you eat a more quality snack prior to training like these… http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_bodybuilding_velocity_recipe/lab_rabbit_cookies

But overall i think you would be wise to drop milk altogether and i think it will go a long ways in how you feel. It’s good that you are at least familiar with the basic lifts, don’t get obsessed with the weight your using now, focus on perfecting technique and getting that down above all else. Follow one of the programs to the letter, put the effort in and the results will come. Everyone starts somewhere and just because it feels like you have a long way to go, don’t let it frustrate you, learn to love the process and love working out and it will make things much easier.

Definitely don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have either.

Copies and pastes Eazy’s post, taking credit for being all smart and stuff

Seriously though, read that again. It has lots of good info in there, especially about the Fats. You are already way ahead of the curve in that you are not eating a granola bar for breakfast, a soda and candy bar on your work break, and then stopping off at McD’s for dinner.

From here its all just little details to fill in as you develop your lifestyle and find what works for you.

Thanks everyone for the advice! If I have any questions, I’ll post and I may post some updates after like 6 months or so, just for the sake of it. I really appreciate the help!