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New To Weightlifting and Training

Hey Everybody,

I’m kind of new to weightlifting, and I’m training for the Army. The only gyms around here are the YMCA and Planet Fitness.

I have about 150 lbs of weights at home, which I deadlift with. To squat, should I use a backpack filled with weight, or clean and press the weight and work up that, the overhead press, and squat at the same time?

Currently I do:

Sunday: ASVAB Studying or Walking
Monday: Grease The Groove Push-Up and Sit-Up Ladders
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday: ASVAB Studying or Walking
Thursday: Heavy Calisthenics
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: Grease The Groove Push-Up and Sit-Up Ladders

For Heavy Calisthenics, As Few Sets As Possible
Chin-Ups W/ Boots: 3
Chin-Up Negatives W/Boots: 8
Pull-Up Negatives W/ Boots: 5
Push-Ups W/ 20 LB Weighted Vest: 30
Prisoner Squats: 20
Burpees W/ Weighted Vest: 25
Sit-Ups: 40

Any suggestions? For background, I am 5’ 8" and 220 lbs.


Er, whats a prisoner squat and whats a “grease the groove ladder?”
Also, what are your actual goals?

A prisoner Squat is just a squat with your fingers interlocked behind your head.
A Grease The Groove Ladder is basically, for push-ups, going to half (or a little more) of your max.
Example: 1, Rest, 2, Rest, 3, Rest, Etc…
Say you can do ten push-ups, you would go up to 5 push-ups in the ladder, which totals 15 each ladder, allowing you to do more volume without going to failure.

As for my goals, I’m training to be able to perform as well as I can in the Army. I’m looking at Green Berets and Rangers, but definitely Infantry.

good shit on your decision to enlist. It’s good to know you want to go in prepared.

well, in the army, reps dont really matter, its the performance. From what I understand, its about surviving boot camp, and being able to run through the obstacle courses. The biggest aspect is definitely mental. Just because you have the best course time, doesn’t automatically qualify you for higher rankings. With that said, I appreciate the fact that you added ‘studying’ to your regimen.

Now for your workout, simplify it a bit. Mix in intense cardio with high reps of calisthenics. Focus a bit on weight loss, 220lbs @5’8 is a bit much, and it will wear you out during bootcamp.

Try interval running (sprint 10 seconds, jog/walk 20 seconds) for as long as possible. Work up to 10 mins. The jog and walking really don’t matter, what you really want to do is focus on the sprinting. When you sprint, MAKE SURE ITS A SPRINT. Afterwards, superset prisoner squats with push ups for AMAP.

If you can develop the mental to push yourself into the brink of exhaustion without the need of a drill sergeant, you’ll be prepared.

Remember, rangers dont know what fatigue is.

Ok, I get what you’re saying.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of a lot, but you should have seen me a few months ago when all I ate was shit.

Alright, I’ll try supersets. Right now, I’m trying to not aggravate my elbow, so that’s why I only have chin-ups once a week, in case you were wondering.