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New To Waterbury Methods

What do you think is the best one to start with for a newbie to these unique methods of training. Im a pretty experienced lifter, ive done 5x5 a couple of times in the past with success, but mostly ive done the normal 4 day split.

I was thinking of starting with hybrid hypertrophy and moving into WM, but what about TBT and ABBH… so many to choose from :D.

Thoughts? If it helps im about 165 looking to bulk up to 185-190lbs by feb or so.

Why not ask Waterbury himself? Click the “Author’s Locker Room” link on the left side of the page (under “forums”) He has a thread there where he is answering questions

Hell. Waterbury Method is what I would suggest, why not do it?
If you dont get results after a few weeks, change the routine.