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New to TRT

I recently started taking androgel my total T was 170, I am 29. I started on the 1.62 2 pumps felt good for about a week then crashed. Went and got retested T was 179 on week 4 moved up to 3 pumps. So far I can’t get it up anymore, Im tired all the time, and I just don’t feel good. Doc won’t give me the shots and wants me to wait 3 months. WTF is going on. I am pretty sure this is not working. I don’t have any other test avalible. I also feel a hell of alot weaker so I am guessing ZI am below the 170 now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I used Androgel 1.62 for about 3 weeks. I was on 2 pumps a day with starting TT @ 289. I noticed a dull headache every day shortly after starting it, usually very thirsty and chapped lips too. After 3 weeks I crashed hard and had ZERO energy. I called the doc and he said stop for a week and then ramp up from one pump top two. I don’t want to start it back at all and have a call into him to switch me to shots. I will go another route if he won’t do shots. I will not use the gel again.

Might want to try one of the other t-gels if the endo won’t rx self-injection. I tried Androgel when I first went on trt and it did squat for me. Switched to Testim and it was better but more expensive so now I self-inject and t levels are in therapeutic range for me. There’s a new gel out called Fortesta that I saw in my uro’s office that delivers 10mg of test per 2 pumps I believe. Also Axiron for rubbing in armpit but don’t know anything about it other than than. Others swear by compounded creams as the best alternative.

To me the gels are shit. I know I didn’t absorb them enough to increase my test by more than 2 points (from 185 to 187) and I was always worried about transference to my daughter. Compounded gel worked better for me (20%) but it only got my T up to the mid 500’s while spiking my DHT way over range.

Shots have been very convenient for me as my T levels are in the upper ranges while my DHT has been brought back to mid range. Injecting twice a week only takes a few minutes a week and with small gauge needles you can’t feel a thing. It is pretty hard it seems to find a doc to prescribe self injections (I had to find another doctor for that, and that doc still preferred the compounded gel), they seem set on peddling the very expensive and often times ineffective gels.