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New to TRT


Thank ahead of time for any answers! I have read the "Protocal" thread and it's great, but had a couple basic questions:

I am 35 and had my T tested and it was low - like 140 low... I had been extremely tired and always carried a lot of my fat around my stomach.. anyway, the doc put me on 100mg once per week and I am due back in two weeks for more labs. I have increased the dose to 200mg per week (100mg at a time) IM. Here are my questions:

  1. Friggin shots make me SORE! 23G needles at 1.25 in length into my quads - can I do something different?
  2. Notice a big difference in energy after only 2 weeks - is it a placebo effect, or should I notice something that quick?
  3. Kinda' moody though - is there an adjustment period? I seem to "fly off" a little quicker than I used to.
  4. Weight gain - I have gained 7 lbs in two weeks, and actually have eaten less and had less appetite - any explanation and will the weight increase last or get worse?
  5. Some lightheadedness... any correlation to me staring the T injections?

ANY other advice for a real newbie would be appreciated!! My doc is a young guy - so this forum is great and I look forward to taking some info back to him.




200mg a week is more then TRT and probably elevate your E2 levels unless controlling it with an AI. If u use a normal 100mg dose a week, i have heard of guys using 50mg twice a week using smaller gauge needles subcut,which is a small amount of oil, but lets see what others with experience with it have to say. side effects can be because of high dosages and E2 conversion.



When you say 200mg is more than TRT - what are you referring too? Thanks.


100mg T cyp or eth will lead to TT=800-900. Your dose insane. E2 may be increasing weight with estrogen bloat. High E2 can make you bitchy. Everything that you need is in the stickies.