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New to TRT / What Should I Expect

Hello, this is my first post after reading the stickies - good info. Being new to TRT I wanted to share my first experiences and have questions you might be able to answer.

I am a 45 Y/O male who has experienced low T for about 5 years or so without treatment. Typical myriad of complaints all making my quality of life terrible. For those five years I have suspected something was going on and had my testosterone and thyroid checked annually at my work physicals.

My thyroid was healthy but my T tested between 220 and 230 each time which is “low normal”. With those results I would make an appt with my doctor to get his impression. Each year he would reply that he will not prescribe anything other than Androgel to give me a boost. I tried it and had minimal results and he resisted injections.

He referred me to our in plan endo who ran a battery of blood tests and came to the same conclusion. Anyway, this year I had my annual test and my T came in at 327. I forwarded him the results as I have in the past and he had his nurse call me and schedule injections - 200 mg of Test-Cyp every two weeks. That blew me away and am happy to finally get what I need to feel normal again.

Here are my before and after numbers. 6"0" 245 lbs, 35% BF, primary hypogonadism

  • 12/4/2012 pre injection, Free 64.1 (35.0 - 155) and total 327 (250 - 1000)
  • 1/18-2013 seven days after first injection, free 153 and total 726


  1. Will those values remain the same or will they go up or down as my body accept and adjusts to the T supplementatio
  2. How often should I ask for blood work to prevent complications.(found the sticky on what should be done)
  3. I still work out and this has given me new hope on loosing my spare tire and putting some muscle on my middle aged body. Will the extra T help me with transforming my body with hard work. If so what kind of results should I realistically expect?
  4. Do I have a window of opportunity where I should try to maximize the increase in T or will I see positive results slowly and steadily in the gym.
  1. On the injections they should remain about the same. Fluctuations occur more often with gels.

  2. Don’t remember what the blood work sticky says, but logic dictates that you get blood drawn every month for 2-3 months to make sure you’re on the right track, then you can back off to 4-6 months if you maintain positive benefits.

  3. T will help your body transform for the better even without working out. I’m not saying don’t continue to exercise, I’m just saying you’ll get benefit no matter what.

  4. In the beginning you will be able to FEEL the T more, then that feeling will taper off at your body accepts the normalization of your new T levels. By all means, maximize that good feeling.

You’ve read the injections sticky. You will eventually want the hCG for the achy balls and anastrozole for the rise in E2. Might as well start fighting for them now.

Good point on the HCG and fighting him now…so far I have only seen his nurse for the injections and plan on asking him what his treatment protocol is and see what he says about side effects.

FYI, I just came off of a 23 day injectible HCG diet and have lost 22 lbs to get me where I am today. So I have a small ammount of HCG in my body right now but that will taper off in a week or so I believe.

Thanks for taking the time to post

Post all of your labs and ranges!

Not enough data to be useful. Read some of the threads from other guy to see how thing progress.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Post all of your labs and ranges!

Not enough data to be useful. Read some of the threads from other guy to see how thing progress.[/quote]

Sorry for hijacking thread. KsMan, I’m in wichita, ks and looking for a trt doctor.
I can’t PM because I’m new. Thanks

I worked with a guy from there extensively, he ended up with a doc near KCKS; that does not take insurance, so it is out of pocket. Start your own thread, that is best.