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New to TRT: Time, Patience, Expectations?

Hi all - New to this site, so hi to all. I have been prescribed Testavan (2 pumps daily) as all my testosterone levels are below normal.

Total 8.3,
Bio 4.04
Free 0.149
LH 1.8
FSH 1.3
Albumin 50
Cortisol 463

I have been applying Testavan for the last 15 days, and I have not noticed any changes so far. My main issue is sexual desire which is none existent and has been for at least 3 years and very poor for potentially 15 years and this is the issue I am most keen to recover. Mood isn’t great, either and feel exhausted all the time, with poor sleep too. Is there a timeline at which I can expect for any changes to become apparent? Is there the possibility that my drive may not return at all? I am trying to have an open mind and be patient, but as this year nearly brought the end of my marriage before the discovery of my medical issue, I am really keen to see changes.

I look forward to your advice/knowledge.

It would be best if you provided ranges for the results you’ve shown. Can’t really say much about topicals as far as your dosage but as long as it’s enough then you should see symtom improvement

Sorry, here is the full breakdown. Thanks.

I can see your problem, you are the victim of one of the biggest big pharma scams ever, Androgen or Testavan, whatever you want to call it the majority of the time doesn’t provide healthy TT and FT levels and is only enough to shut down what little T you are producing naturally.

Men on average absorb through skin poorly, this is why scrotal T-cream applied to the testicles was developed because the skin is thinner on the testicles and absorption is 6x times better. You won’t find single T-Nation member on T-Gel because it’s a waste of time.

I was originally on androgel and felt absolutely nothing, I don’t think it even shut down my natural production, not until I use Axiron and Androgel together, even then it wasn’t enough. The doctors have been misled by the pharmaceutical companies thinking they are prescribing a good product and were duped.

I mean injectable T has been around for seven decades, what happened is an inferior product was created, patented and the price was jacked up on a product without enough medicine to make a meaningful difference, typical prescription in the US cost insurance companies $350-600 per prescription, injectable T <$50.

What dose would that be, according to the label? As in, in mg. Are these labs before starting Testavan or after?

Topicals are the least effective method for managing low testosterone. Absorption is poor, varies from individual to individual and is expensive. Scrotal cream is better. Injections are the best. I’m omitting pellets which have their own issues though some prefer the convenience.

If the dose is correct/adequate, you should note significant improvement in two to four weeks.

Assuming your PCP is managing this? You would be best served going to a TRT specialist.

I was on androgel 10+ years ago and it worked… i was able to workout 3 times a day and have sex for hours. But, i was pouring the gel on me multiple times a day. Far exceeding the dosage. I quit because I didn’t like the bloat.

Now at the pussy dosage, you are wasting your time. You need to have your levels checked while on the topical.

You need to inject T 2-3x a week to up your mood. Do you workout? I assumed the people on here are gym rats, but i now know that isn’t the case.

If you are overweight and sit on a couch with little physical activity, then nothing is going to help you.

My dosage if 46mg daily (2 pumps) The Labs are before I started on Testavan. The results before these had Total T at 7.7 and I had an afternoon test which came back at 5.5. I am not a Gym person…yet. I am a mountain biker above all. I have never been able to add muscle. My weight is 11 stone, am 5’9 and my BMi is spot on so health wise I am fine.

2 x 23mg daily

So, you are actually getting between 48 and 65 mg per week with that dose (15 - 20% absorption rate). Enough to shut you down but not enough to do you any good.