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New to TRT, Taking Nolvadex/Tamox. Help Getting to Optimal Levels?

Hey guys I’m new on trt im 28 years old I’m taking test e
I was on 100mgs/1ML every week but I just got my tests back and

My estradiol is 238 pmol/L
My testosterone is 30.9 nmol/L

I’m also taking Novadex tamox every second day sometimes I forget an take it on the 3 I know I have to start taking this daily because my estradiol is high any info is appreciated any suggestions on how to get me in optimal levels

Why are you taking Nolvadex to control estrogen? That’s not what Nolvadex does, at all. Nolvadex is a SERM that stimulates FSH/LH in the pituitary, not an AI like Arimidex.

Estrogen is about double what it should be. Why are you on TRT? Do you have full blood work?

Yes before I was on trt my testosterone was 6. Something really bad but from what I was told tamoxifen is the same as armadex

Before I was on trt I had a 6. Something test level and my estrogen was high

Then I started trt 1ml/100mg a week also he prescribed tamoxifen I’ve never done this before it’s my first time ever touching steriods

Before you started trt when your test was 6, can you remember what your LH FSH and SHBG was?

No I didn’t get a copy of that one but it is for sure low t cuz now with having my dosage I feel amazing ten times better not sleepy sex drive is good I never was able to grow facial hair an now I got a beard what keyed my doctor into thinking it was low t was I had a lot of blatter problems like frequency problems but now since I’m on the trt it’s gone thank god life is a hundred times better only thing now is how to get this dang estridol back to normal levels

I only asked about fsh etc as I am currently off trt and my test level is 6.4 (about the same as yours was)
As for bladder problems I also have urinary retention, frequent need to urinate, recurrent uti’s etc.
Good luck, I’m sure your levels will be fixed in no time.

Tamoxifen will block estrogen receptors in the nipples and breast tissue. It can be used to also stimulate the testicles to keep fertility.

Definitely not the same as an Aromatase inhibitor. (arimidex)

We need more details such as Nolvadex dose in mg’s.

Nolvadex may be causing high LH causing high T–>E2 inside the testes leading to high E2. And in that case, lowering T–>E2 with anastrozole can fail as it is not effective inside the testes.

SERM’s increase E2, do not lower E2.

We need lab ranges. TT=30/9 nmol/L needs lab range.

Taking Nolvadex every day will make things worse.

Another possible cause is poor liver E2 clearance. That can be from some Rx or OTC drugs or a liver problem. AST/ALT labs are useful.

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Dam this is so confusing first I’m told its to block estrogen then I’m told it will make my estrogen higher

Anybody who told you Nolvadex was an estrogen blocker was flat-out wrong.

Ok so instead of telling me whose wrong an what not why not do something positive an tell me what to do next ask the doc for armidex ? It’s not like I’m saying I know what do I’m new never done this before never touched a steroid in my life an u act like I should know this an acting like a jackass doesn’t help

Ok well now I’m pretty sure I know why he prescribed tamoxifen because me being bigger I also explained when he told me I had to take testosterone I was worried about gyno so this is probably why he did that

I know you’re having a frustrating time with this stuff, but drop the attitude if you want anybody to help you out. Tamoxifen/Nolvadex is NOT the same thing as Arimidex, and, in fact, is not an estrogen blocker at all, it is what’s called a SERM. In very simple terms, it tells your pituitary to make more of the hormones (LH and FSH) that signal to the testes that you need to make more testosterone. It is useful if your pituitary is not making those hormones (secondary hypogonadism) or if your natural t production has been shut down by a steroid cycle. In your case, it is simply boosting estrogen production.

You need to read all the stickies that KSMan linked you to. We need full blood work and stats as telling us that you’re 28 and “bigger” and giving us two raw numbers for total t and e2 do not give us a clear picture. We simply do not have enough information to give you any advice at all.