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New to TRT - Sus250 Every 4 Weeks

hey guys, long time lurker.

age: 32
weight: 87kg
height: 176cm
bodyfat: 25ish?

I know the above stats aren’t perfect & I agree there’s 100% room for ‘natural’ improvement but I’m not getting advise here to step out onto stage, just trying to improve quality of living.

started feeling some low-T symptoms over the last couple of months, thought I’d get a blood test to check it out.

results as follows:

Dr recommended 1ml of sus250 every 4 weeks, I have read alot of bad stuff about the ups & downs of infrequent sus250 injections & a close mate of mine said he’d feel horrific week 3 & 4 on the same protocol.

Thinking of self prescribing 1ml every 14 days instead, I’ll up my cardio a little to get into better shape & clean my diet up hopefully see some good results overall in the next 6 months

suggestions welcome

Also any suggestions for some of the other results in my test? SHBG 15-95 sits exactly on 15 which is incredibly low, is this a result of my test levels of being on the lowside or should i look at somehow lifting that up too seperately?


Guess your UK based?
I started on sust 250 1ml every 3 weeks on the NHS, you’re right the protocol is garbage! By the second week I was dead in the water and counting down the days to get my jab. Eventually after plenty of persistence I got them to give me 1ml every fortnight and it works well for me.

I personally think based on what I’ve read the ideal protocol would be 1/2 a ml every week but they can’t get the sustanon in less than 1ml vials.

Also my stat’s were similar to yours in terms of being 25%ish bf, I’ve dropped a load of bf over the past couple of years and that coupled with the fortnightly shots has made a massive difference to my quality of life.

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Me too👍

If you’re not having to attend a clinic for the shots you could also try every 10 days which would ramp things up again. Maybe too much actually!

Also, you can split a vial and do half per week but you won’t get exactly 2 x 0.5ml, always a bit less. It stores just fine in a fresh syringe for a couple of weeks

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LOL. IMO, no type of Test should be pinned every 4 weeks. Once a week is the minimum IMO.

The total dosing is also very low. I take 200 mg/wk Test E to get to top of the range or a bit above it (and that is pinning M,W,F, bloods taken Friday morning, so not a huge trough). I don’t see why I would bother going from low normal to normal, if being high normal or a tad above isn’t dangerous (or at least the danger is very small).

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Better, but still terrible lol.

Sust 125mg a week, split it into EOD or twice weekly shots, check labs in 6-8 weeks

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It all depends how sensitive you are to fluctuating hormones and the rate at which you metabolize testosterone. I have heard some doing well on every 10 day dosing on sustanon, but dosing weekly (ei. every Monday) is easier to remember.

In the end you have to do what makes you feel your best.

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hey mate, aussie based actually but yes have ‘easy’ access to sus250 here, can buy a 10ml bottle pretty conveniently. Ideally I’d like quality of living just to be a bit better lol, felt drained & just constantly exhausted and weaker in the gym the last couple of months no matter what I tried

well I’m not too sure because I’ve never fiddled with anything stronger than creatine (lol) so it’ll be a first time, I just remember reading alot on these forums & didn’t want to waste 6 months injecting 1ml a week because my 65 year old GP said so lol

not sure about twice weekly shots straight off the bat, never had any injectable experience, I read a couple of topics of people having good luck starting off with once every 14 days then after 2 times, every 12 days, then again after 2 times every 10 days & just keep it steady on there…

yeah exactly right, if I’m going to put something in me I’d like it to make a substantial difference in my life not just make me ‘normal’ lol

As SHBG drops, the more frequent shots, the better.


Not saying those ppl are mistaken, but this is a terrible idea for anybody. I’ve never heard of anyone having success on e2week dosing of these esters, but I guess nothing is impossible. Anyway, from my experience with Sust, 2x per week is a good plan for 500mg weekly.

Works for me Swoops, last labs (12 days from previous pin)


< 192 R




7.6 - 31.4 R




0.16 - 0.47 R




24 - 104 R



86 - 324 R



That’s on 7 weeks of 250mg Sust every 10 days.


pretty much the frequency i’d like to achieve so good to know you’re getting results from it

I hope it works for you. Otherwise go to no less frequently than once a week.

This means you might be fine with a lower dose testosterone. You’ll have a high free testosterone level relative to your total level. I would try 0.5 mL weekly.

As for increasing SHBG, look at thyroid, raising that will raise SHBG, which will also help insulin sensitivity. I don’t know if that’s and option, but you could check.

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