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New to TRT - SubQ into Buttocks/Glutes?


Sorry if I am posting something that’s been discussed however I couldn’t find it… Just started testosterone cypionate through my doctor up here in Canada. She wants me to start at 100 mg i/m once every two weeks. While I know this is a stupid low dose and way too spaced out, I am lucky she even put me on it. She said she would up the dose according to how I am feeling. So this may take me a while to get where I need to be.

Anyway, she is old school and I would prefer to inject once a week (1/2 cc) subq. I have read some books / articles on subq but all seem to suggest using subq sites at abdomen etc.

Has anyone used glutes as a subq site and what have your results been like?

Thanks guys.


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For SQ/SC, you pinch up a fold of skin then inject into the end if the fold so the needle is parallel to the muscles below. Use a #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin syringe. Slow to load, injection time is OK.

Inject on belly or over quads where you can see what you are doing and avoiding visible veins.

Many here are doing this. Asking what results are like is asking what it is to breath.

Some get lumps in belly but not legs and others vice verse. Find what works.


That’s not an unreasonably low dose depending on your circumstances. Personally I’ve worked my way down to 0.5cc/week as well and feel good (we’ll see what my labs say about it shortly). But like others here have stressed repeatedly, if I were you I would inject twice a week as opposed to once. As for a pin site, personally I use the love handles just above the hip (just slightly towards the back), and stand in front of a mirror to help with the angle.


Thanks guys. Yes I want to inject twice a week, hence my question regarding the subq injection sites.


Sorry I wasn’t clear, I meant 100mg/week is good a reasonable dose, not half of that (which is what your doc currently has you at, right?).

For what it’s worth, I used to do deep IM injections but now do shallow SQ injections, and I felt no different, no transition. In my estimation, at least in an experiment of one, SQ is just as effective as IM, but SQ has its obvious advantages.


Yes gtron, she just has me on 100 mg every two weeks at this point. I am keeping a log and will see how it goes. Regardless I think even doing 50 mg a week for now will be better until (if needed) she ups my dose. It seems from what I have been able to read, that subq often goes further / does better for some people. Along with not having to punch holes in my muscles, I am hoping this is the way to go. I am glad to hear it is going well for you. Thanks again.


Yes, I am curious to see my numbers since switching to SQ to see if there is any change. I get the results on the 14th of this month.


Please let me know - if you remember. :slight_smile:


FWIW, I just found in Crisler’s book that his new preferred method/location for subq is in the fat pat above the glute muscle. I can find the page if needed. He also recommends the same rig as KSman recommends (#29 0.5ml 1/2” insulin syringe).


Recently switched to sub q in belly fat and it’s a piece of cake. The 29 gauge needles take a bit of force so for me I like the belly fat because I can make sure the needle is as steady as possible while I’m applying that force.


Copy, makes sense. Thanks.


That is funny, he used to reject using insulin needles because he stated that T would not flow and that it would jet and damage tissue[ yes contradictory]. Nice to know that we have him converted,


You can use an insulin syringe pretty much wherever the heck you want: glutes, tri’s, quads, traps, love handles, abdomen, or other fatty area. I couldn’t do abdomen when I got shredded though. :grinning::+1:


Okay, so nothing is easy… I live in a very remote area and when calling to the nearest town, all they have at any of the three pharmacies is 30 ga insulin needles. I was looking for 29 ga. Will 30 ga suffice? I know 30 ga will probably take even longer to load. Or do I order some 29 ga via online?


Ordered some online. Living remotely sure has challenges…


I ordered mine from allegro medical:

They got to me super quick. Needles are tiny and takes a bit to get used to - you need a bit of force and they’re small.

Sub q shots are less stressful for me :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s a good price! Canadian online prices are over double that.


Hello, not sure where to ask this question, but here goes nothing.

I transitioned to SubQ TRT and I am having problems with injection site getting red with a quarter size bubble/welt under the skin. This lasts for about 5 days after the shot and then subsides. Usually takes 24 hours to start showing up.

There are a lot of theories, but not sure if anyone has found a real solution. Some say the oil type, which is sesame in my case, can cause reactions and should be changed to Grapeseed oil. Others say the needle may not be long enough, but I’m using a half inch needle pushed in fully which should be more than enough. Some say that I may be doing the injection too fast. Others say that you need to find new sites to inject like the thigh or butt; I use the stomach area and love handle area. Even others say that anything above a 1/2 cc is too much in one area and may be “pooling”, but my protocol is 1 cc (1/2 cc Hcg mixed with 1/2 cc T in same syringe).

Thoughts anyone?


My injection volume is only .25CC but I have also noticed little bumps at the injection sites.


I have been doing .4 cc with 28 ga insulin needles with no issues so far…