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New to TRT, Strange Side Effects

before i tell my story here our some of my blood results from a few months ago
TSH .58 Range .40-4.50 mIU/L
T4, free 1.3 Range .8-1.8 ng/dl
T3, free 3.8 Range 2.3-4.2 pg/ml
Total T 323 Range 300-1000 ng/dl
CBC and PSA were normal.
Estradiol 24

I’ll try to make this short and get to the point… About 4 years ago I was taking p6 testosterone boosters from GNC for the second time and out of nowhere I experienced by first panic attack in my life, I had to pull my car over and stop for a while because I had no clue what was going on… I didn’t think much of it at the time but after that day I started getting more frequent panic attacks. I stopped the p6 testosterone boosters a few weeks after and then the panic attacks stopped for a few months but then they started coming back more regularly and ever since then its only gotten worse… Then in this last year or so I feel like my overall health has just declined like crazy, barely have any energy and can barely focus, working out is a big part of my life so I would still go to the gym but pretty much no matter the volume and intensity of the workouts, I couldn’t recover for shit and I would be completely drained for days!!! All my muscles and joints were aching constantly, I was losing muscle mass and my belly was getting a little chubbier. I don’t smoke, don’t drink anymore, no drugs, eat a very clean diet so I was confused on what was going on… I went to numerous different doctors and they tested numerous things because I felt so shitty I was convinced I had a serious health condition. Pretty much when I was about to give up on searching for the answer on what the hell is wrong with me. I started living with a few guys that were on the gear so me being me, (I research everything) I started looking into testosterone levels. I got my tested and my total T was 323… After researching that is a pretty low number for a 28 year old male, I was so excited because i thought i have found the missing link in what was causing all these horrible problems with fatigue and pain.

So I went to a doc and they tested it a few more times to make sure and they kept coming back right around that level…so he then prescribed me 160mg cypionate once a week at his office and about after a month he told me to take .25mg arimidex 24 hours after my shot and then 48 hours after me shot… after about 2 weeks of being on TRT I started noticing my knuckles getting so dry they were bleeding but I already felt a little energy boost so i didn’t care…then around week 3 my ENTIRE body started getting very very itchy, sometimes i could barely sleep at night. i would get dry skin everywhere (even on my penis) and i tried the best lotions the doctor said and not taking hot showers etc…but nothing helped. at about week 6 i told my doctor that I know the testosterone has to be the reason my skin is suddenly itchy and its so dry i am bleeding and getting scrapes everywhere. Oh and another thing, Ive worn eye contacts my entire life but then in the last year I been having many problems with them ripping in my eyes after wearing them for only a few days and I figured its from my Low T and then TRT would help it, but it did the opposite…For the first time in my life I can’t even wear my contacts now, if i put them in, they get stuck to my eyeballs and rip immediately , my eye doc even said last week she needs to research why my eyes are getting so dry and hasn’t seen this happen this bad before. my energy and lifts are feeling good again and i’m feeling back to myself but I’ve been having extreme anxiety that the testosterone is making something internally go wrong which is causing me to get so dry and itchy.

so my questions are: 1.) isn’t testosterone suppose to make you more oily? why is the opposite happening with me??

                                2.) anyone else every get extremely itchy everywhere on your body??

                                3.) I take 160mg Test every Monday but I noticed i have anxiety for 2 days after my shot and then day 3-5 i feel great, days 6-7 im tired as hell.  So i asked my doctor if we could split the dosage in two and he said it wouldn't make a difference??? (i disagree)  

I know I should of posted more and better labs but the doctor never gave me a actual copy of it and those are the numbers I remembered off the top of my head. Please any advice or input would be high appreciated!!!

One thing I forgot to ask, my TSH level seems like it is on the lower side, is it possible that TRT could of made it even worse???

Sounds like you’re an overresponder to the arimidex and it’s crashing your E2 levels. I had issues with dry skin, especially elbows and knuckles, ordered my own labs online and sure enough my E2 levels had dropped. Cut my adex dose in half and feel better now.

Low TSH is generally a good thing and a sign that your body is getting exactly the thyroid function it needs.

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ah thats interesting about the TSH levels, never know that. Thank you =)

My dryness started 2 weeks before I started taking arimdex, I mean the arimidex def could of made it worse though probably??

Yeah the adex probably made it worse.

That said, TSH isn’t the only thing to look at for thyroid function, yet your T3/T4 levels look solid too, and if the dry skin were associated with sluggish thyroid I would also expect it to be accompanied with brittle/thinning hair, thin outer eyebrows, brittle nails, etc. Happens slightly differently in everyone.

I would get all new bloods done to see how your thyroid status might have changed since starting TRT, and what your new TT and E2 levels are. Also, make sure to get a sensitive E2 assay, as this is meant to provide a more accurate measurement of your estrogen levels. E2 and 20-24 seems to be the sweet spot for most. Yours were initially at 24, so get tested again and try to get those E2 levels back up to 22-24 and you should feel much better. Best of luck.

Ok I take my injections every Monday and I am the itchiest for the next few days after my injections and then it gets less and less…I have don’t have any bumps or itchiness at the injections site though. My doctor just switched from Grape seed oil to cotton seed oil now to see if there was any allergic reactions going on. Ok so all day yesterday (Monday) I barely was itchy and felt good all day, went to my doc and got my injection at 5pm and then felt a little itchy right before bed but then I woke up at 1 AM itching like crazy!!! Another thing, I checked my body temp the last few mornings and its been 97.1,97.6, and then this morning it was 96.1…My doc did a lot of testing yest but I’m going to call him today and see if he re-tested my Thyroid levels like you said because it seems like the injections could maybe be altering my thyroid. Oh and another thing, after about 1 month of TRT, the girl that’s been cutting my hair for years said “your hair has really thinned out on top in the last 2 weeks” and she didn’t know anything about my treatment or anything and shes never said that before. @Juggs Thank you for the quick answers, this is stressing me out a lot and it makes me feel better when I have support


I’ve read nearly all of testosterone related articles in the last month or so and you seem super knowledgable, any input would be highly
Appreciated. Thank you

Check your oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.
Do you get hot flashes?

With those thyroid lab results, you can still have trouble is rT3 is elevated and stress can cause that.

Is your thyroid enlarged, sore, lumpy, asymmetrical?

What has been your history - years of using iodized salt and or vitamins listing iodine+selenium

AM cortisol

You may be allergic to to something in the T other than the T.
You need E2 labs on an emergency basis to see what is going on.

Get all labs and post.

I’ve check my temp right when waking up the last few days , 96.1, 96.7, 97.1. Seems a little low, and no I haven’t really consumed much iodone. I need to go get some, I tried finding a pure iodone salt but they all had so many additives and stuff. Could I just eat sea weed as a idone supplement ??

I went to an allergist yesterday and told her my whole situation and she said she doesn’t think I’m allergic to anything in the testosterone injection because the injection site doesn’t have any swelling or problems around it. I have a lot of seasonal and environmental allergies and she believes that all the testosterone changes is making my immune system go crazy and raising all my other allergies. I can see that being true but still seems odd that my entire body is itching and dry.

Here are my labs i received yesterday. And btw thank you so much for helping me, this whole thing gives me anxiety, and your insight on everything really helps.

Here is a lab from about 6 months ago

Some tests from a year ago and my epinephrine levels were really low

Oh I wanted to add that in the last few years my body hasn’t been handling stress very well, I get bad anxiety from any kind of caffeine and I used to drink it all day and be fine. Get very fatigued from exercise (even now while on TRT even though it has improved since on it) Another thing, this sounds very stupid but I can’t go on roller coasters or anything anymore and now I cant even go on a damn swing because that feeling in my stomach is so intense it hurts like shit!! Even if I’m in a car with someone and they go fast it like makes my stomach hurt intensely. And I know its normal to get that feeling but in the last few years its so intense now it actually makes me feel very very uncomfortable and painful. Do you think this could be an adrenal gland issue, maybe my body isn’t producing enough Epinephrine like in that one lab I posted??? and possibly the TRT is too much for my adrenal glands to handle hence why my body is reacting so crazy??? I’m going to tell my doctor to split my dosage into two shots a week instead of one and if he still says no I’m going to find a new doctor. Thanks again!!! looking forward to your response

In any case, you will be better off injecting twice a week and self injecting makes a lot of sense VS doctor trips. Many self inject with #29 1/2"[12mm] 0.5ml[50iu] insulin syringes. Try SC injections to see if you react better to that than IM.

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Yes I agree, I’ve been telling my doctor this but since my insurance doesn’t cover any of this I’m paying 65$ a week for injections and then he said I can do twice a week injections but have to pay 65$ each time. He doesn’t care about my health or well being, he only cares about money. I’ve already made arrangements to go see a new doctor tomorrow.

Did you have any thoughts on maybe possible adrenal gland problems ? Maybe that’s why my body is going hay wire after my injections ??

Cortisol seemed good.
DHEA seems high.

No idea why you get that stomach distress.

Maybe a histamine issue. Try taking an allergy pill or benadryl [which may make you drowsy] before an event and see if that reduces severity.

I have had ulcers In the past, could be. Yeah Ive suspected it being a histamine issue, I am currently taking Zyrtec and Pepcin… Helps a little, not too much though.

So I had my doctor email me all my labs and I found some interesting stuff that he never mentioned or anything about my LH levels being high and was hoping you could give me a little insight on it please.

this was before TRT

LH 10.4 HIGH range 1.7-8.6
FSH 4.8 range 1.5-12.4
SHBG 20.7 range 16.5-55.9
free testosterone 9.65=2.54%
bioavailable testosterone 60.9%

Try a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H2_antagonist
The have more effect on the GI tract.


Conventional antihistamines will help with skin.

There can be adverse histamine cascades where the reaction itself leads to more histamine release.

I do not understand:
free testosterone 9.65=2.54%
bioavailable testosterone 60.9%
No lab ranges?

@KSman So I went to another doctor and she thinks its scabies, I took the medicine they gave me and its been 4 days and my itching is a lot better. But I also skipped my injections the last 2 weeks so I haven’t had a testosterone shot in about 17 days now. So I guess it could be scabies or because the testosterone is mostly out of my system now??? My itching was most intense on days 12-15 after my last shot though. any thoughts on this??? Thanks again for everything!!

I do not know at what point that you need to wash the bedding.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scabies - a big read

So to this day. Are you still on TRT or did you left it go? How is your life going now :slight_smile: