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New to TRT, Question on Occasional Alcohol Consumption

Just started TRT this past week, I plan to put together a post with my info in it, but I have a quick question I could not find an answer for.
Can 3 or 4 beers on a Saturday, not every Saturday, maybe 2 times a month, negate the benefits of TRT?

Not even a little. That was about what I was drinking. Now if your getting drunk all the time your health benefits are being pushed. Silly to spend so much on testosterone therapy when your best path to health would be to cut back on your drinking. But you’re not drinking too much

I even believe that if you get piss drunk once in a while, it won’t have a noticeable impact (although you’ll have other problems to deal with the day after). Its only when its chronic or perhaps if you had some other funky health problem.

Martin Berkhan had a good article on alcohol. Basically, unless you have a chronic problem there really isn’t much to worry about. Everything in moderation, even moderation.

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Actually after I kicked up my Test levels my tolerance of alcohol went way up and I no longer get hangovers.

I can believe that. One of the things I noticed before i found out I was low t. My once strong alcohol tolerance had dropped into the lightweight category