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New to TRT, Question about Dosing and Type of Shot

Looks like it will to me. Ampules the tops break off of so you can’t close them. These look like normal vials with rubber stopper things, whatever they’re called.

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The 1mL vials I get always have 1.2mL in them and I use every drop. Pretty easy to get it out with a 1/2in 27g needle if you tilt the vial right

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Probably depends on the needle you’re using, but I used to get aleast 4-5 draws out of one of those single use vials. Never had an issue, mainly used a 25g needle or smaller, usually 27g.

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The Dr. prescribed 21g needles with a 3ml syringe. From reading many posts on this site, I went with 1ml syringe, 18g needles to pull, and 27g 1.25" to inject. Been alternating on the outside of each thigh and it’s painless at that size, no issues at all, so thank you all.

I did 200mg the first week…and then 100mg the next week, and yesterday did another 100mg. So technically, I went over what I was supposed to… :man_shrugging:
So I guess I am at the start of week 3, I know that results typically take 4-6 weeks, so I am just trying to be patient. I have been feeling warmer than usual and hungry, but I was also on vacation last week. I’m also transitioning out of keto, so my body might be adjusting that way. I had a little libido one or two times since the first injection, so that’s cool.

Anyways, Dr. wants me to test my blood the day after my next injection (supposed to be 200mg). I think I should just keep on doing the 100mg/week, even before the test. Worst case, he bumps me up a little (I have read and been told that 200mg is a little on the light side, especially for a guy over 300lbs).

Is it typical to test the day after? Why not at the trough?
Should I do the 200mg injection the day before?

NO. You test at trough, always. Day of shot, before shot. I would change my shot day that week if i had to before I’d let him get my numbers at peak.

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Test at trough. You’ll get crazy high and unrealistic numbers if you test the day after injecting

I specifically asked the doctor if I should test the day before my next shot, and he said, no, he would prefer the day after.

My original provider required 2 draws, 1 a couple of days after and the other the day of. He wasn’t going to let the peak go out of range and as long as the trough was above range or even a bit below he was happy. I wasn’t happy, so I have a different provider now.

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That’s not how they are supposed to do it. Even my sife’s endo knew that, and she doesn’t deal with TRT.

Ok. Maybe, I’ll pay for a test out of pocket the day before, even get free T measured as well…

Get a new doctor!

You want blood drawn at trough. Ideally, blood drawn the day of your injection, prior to the injection.

If you measure the day after the shot numbers are going to be crazy high and he’s going to use it to keep your dose down more than likely. If you want to go down that path then go for it. I wouldn’t do what he’s saying.

Just wanted to give you all an update: I am in week 4, still not feeling “normal” again all the time, but I did have a great day Saturday, followed by a bunch of days I had to drag myself out of bed. But one good day is a victory at this point and I’ll take it!

I took my blood test on Monday, the day after giving myself the weekly 100mg injection. It came up at 654. Maybe the doctor will bump me up?

I also donated blood on yesterday, normally do platelets, but my hematocrit was 55, up from my normal 42-44, so I did double red. I know this was expected, so that’s a good sign.

Inflammation is still hanging around and it’s been extra bad since I had some ice cream on Sat night with some friends… (I can’t eat grains, dairy, or too much sugar without getting a bunch more inflammation and indigestion, I gained about 9lbs over the next couple days. But a man’s gotta enjoy life every once in a while)

Why did you take the blood work the day after inj? Typically you want to know the trough levels which would be right before your injection not the day after. Was the docs req? To me (not a doc) it seems you should probably up the dose some, though a hct of 55 is something to keep an eye on. We’re you fully hydrated? Being a bit dehydrated can bump that number up; make sure you’re drinking enough water.

I’d really like to know the trough, if this is an insurance doc you may or may not get a bump since you’re level is now solidly middle of the range. Make sure you tell 'em that the blood draw was the day after your inj. So it’s closer your peak than trough. Since you’re still symptomatic maybe they’ll bump it some id think at leat to 125mg or even 150.

Good luck though.

This is normal, your hormones are in flux and your body is trying to reach homeostasis. The HCT is high and might need a dosage reduction. You might need to break up your shots into smaller ones to keep HCT lower.

Yes, he specifically told me to test the day after, after I asked about testing the day before.

I was at 226 before I started TRT a month ago. He is an insurance doctor. I am hoping he bumps it up to 300mg/2 weeks, which I would then break into 150mg/week. Maybe then the pharmacy will give me the 10mL vial instead of 1mL vials. (I read something about “28 days worth of medicine” at a time, but I can hope.

I am already breaking the 200mg/2 weeks into the 100mg/week. I also do not mind donating blood (double RBC) every 4 weeks, I was already doing that (platelets). Doesn’t the higher HCT help athletic performance?

That’s an odd way to want the bloods drawn, but whatev’s.

The 28 day thing is probably referring to the label stating that you are to use the vial for only 28 days past first puncture. It’ll just depend on the pharmacy, or pharmacist, walmart & cvs only gave me 1ml bottles but walmart gave me the 10mg vial. Though Massachusetts, I think, has a 1 month supply rule for restricted drugs, like test.

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Yeah testing that way will def bump the numbers. I’d honestly probably not listen to him if it were me but up to you on that one

Yes we do. Vials “expire” 28 days after puncture and thats when you can get refilled. Just use all the med and stock up for future use in case something happens.


Oh, yeah, use the whole vial and stock up, use all the "overfill’ and use the air lock inj method to get all the med in the syringe.

I mainly was meaning that you probably couldn’t get a 10mg vial in Mass.

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