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New to TRT, Lacking Drive

Hi Guys and any Gals that might be here Long story short I started t replacement about six months ago
0.5ml 2x week 200mg/ml
HCG 0.5 ml 2x week
Anestrdiol 0.5 tab 2x week

Good new t levels went from low 200’s to a trough that i just had couple weeks ago that was 865 estradiol 17

Bad news : Hgb top end of normal , more bad news and it is my own fault - I haven’t been to the gym in 6 months either - to my disappointment I gained the 30 lbs i lost prior to TRT.

Has anyone else noticed that you don’t have the Drive to go once starting the TRT? Also any one else noticed, not so much fatigue but more of just being tired ?? Thanks guys hope to hear from those of you that are experienced

Your E2 is too low, this might be why you feel tired. Lots of guys gain weight when they start TRT and after awhile it comes off, you have not reached the full effectiveness of TRT in 6 months. You need to reduce the AI just a tiny bit. You’ve only been on TRT for 6 months and if your Hgb is already at the top end of the range you will likely be forced to reduce your T dosage, usually your Hgb stabilizes 6-12 months.

Thanks for the reply. I see doc tomorrow I myself am a physician assistant so I will discuss perhaps donating blood to bring Down the Hgb all in all I like how I feel Like the muscle tone that stays even when not going to the gym and the mental stability is back !!! Now to drop that WT again !!!

How many IU’s out of curosity?

500 I.U. Per 0.5 ml

What are your Hgb and Hct numbers?

Hgb 17.6. 13.0-17.7. Up from 15.2 6 months ago
Hematocrit 49.0. 37.5 - 51.0

Consider donating blood.

Protocol is fine. If you are in stress , you tend to lose motivation. Trt is for people who follow discipline and good diet… or else you won’t reap its benefits. Go …hit the gym. Alternatively I lower the dose to 100mg/week if I take a break from gym.

This has happened to me as well if anything I thought TRT would give me more motivation. I have literally zero to do work for anything productive. Final exams in university next week and I just couldn’t care less, it’s strange. I was the opposite of this prior to starting. I think because reaching goals like an exam, career goal whatever it may be the body gives you dopamine as a reward and so it feels motivating. We are essentially cheating the system by raising T levels unnaturally and increasing dopamine without actually putting in the work so a free meal. It may be the cause of lack of motivation. You don’t need to work for it you’re already getting the reward.