New to TRT, Labs/Experience. Advice? Thoughts?

Whats up everybody. I started TRT this week. The reasons that pushed me to try it include; fatigue (most of the time), low libido (often), not putting on muscle like before , and more sense of well being sounded good. Im not sure if im an ideal candidate, but i figured wth. The doc started me off with a shot of 160. Ill be doing shots at 80 twice a week.

The nurse put the shot in the top right cheek. small pinch. Didnt notice it till a couple days after. Feels like a decent bruise almost. The first day my back and ass were sweating randomly for a couple hours after the shot. I dont know what that was about but it went away. The next morning i woke up about an hour earlier than i normally do. I was wide awake, felt rested and had strong morning wood which i dont get too often anymore. My mood was good throughout the day and i felt like i had alot of energy throughout the day. my energy level does seem to be up. My apetite seems to be really increased. Its really early in and ill update yall in a few weeks.

Perfect protocol given your SHBG, don’t be surprised in 6 weeks if your SHBG is little lower. I hope you’re using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads and not large unnecessary syringes.

You will be going through fluctuations for the next 6 weeks, so don’t be surprised if you have good and bad days. After 6 weeks when levels have stabilized you can then judge your protocol and makes adjustments as needed.

Be aware of the TRT honeymoon phase that we all must go through, once your hpta shuts down you will go back to feeling like crap again which is completely normal. When this happens your body will begin to adapt to TRT and a few to several weeks later you’ll start feeling good again.

The odds are your dosage is too high, you’re estrogen was already 28 when your Total T was in the 420s. You will likely have to lower your dose in order to lower estrogen.

Little update on my New to TRT experience. So Im. now going on week 3 of TRT. Im doing two injections @ 80 a week, alternating cheeks. I am not documenting things in fine detail, but ill share things that i notice to be different (pros/cons). PROS: energy level is up. I find myself taking care of more stuff in the late evening. Things like prepping my lunch and getting the coffe pot ready for the AM. As silly as that sounds, it makes a big difference for me when getting ready and going out the door in the morning. I also find myself taking the time to handle hygeine before bed like flossing. I know these simple things might sound ridiculous, but before I could be so tired that i would just want to lay down. 3 weeks in i do feel a bit more of a continual drive. I got back into my work outs and so far so good. Im a bit more driven and find myself feeling some extra pumps, energy and drive while lifting. Nothing crazy. Oh yea, i forgot to mention my age and weight on my initial post. 35/5’-8". Now ill talk about sex drive. Morning wood is back to how things were when i was maybe mid 20s. Its not back 100%, but it is a hell of alot better and just that alone helps the confidence. I have always had a high sex drive, but that drive to go get it seemed a bit suppressed for the last 6-8 years. Thats all I can think of for Pros for now. Now CONS: Cost is expensive. Im looking at $160 a month w/out any additional supps/services. This concerns me because i feel that if i need HCG or Arimidex at additional cost I might not be able to afford TRT treatment. Aside from cost. My e2 starting out was high. The first week of treatment my nipples, pecs/side pecs itched really bad lol. Then on week 2 it seemed like my nipps got a bit swollen and cone shaped wich freaked me out. my nipples have always been the size of a dime in youth, and a nickle as an adult. i swear that second week they were almost a quarter size. Now my TRT doc told me up front that he does not prescripe long term e2 suppressers. He does offer short term e2 suppresser prescriptions. But I happened to have a bottle of 75 mg arimistine in my cabinet from a PH set that i never took, i decided to give it a run. After 3 evenings my nips went back to a nickle size and im a bit less paranoid. But I do notice a bit of itch or irritant around my pecs randomly throughout the day. The PH that i never took was Conqurium (halo). The Arimistine is from Lecheek. I guess i never took it as a result of not knowing where my blood labs actually sat. So tonight will be the 5th night of taking the arimistine. I take the arimistine at night and when i wake up, holy shit. The head ache sucks. it feels almost like a hang over. But, its better than puffy nipples and bitch tits. In addition to the cons, i do notice a bit more anxiety. why? i dont know. I have always had a little anxiety. But there is definitely additional anxiety since the first week. Im hispanic, generally im a naturally tan skin tone. My skin flushes red alot more lately. Oh yea, balls are shrinking. Thats about sums it up for me for now. I hope this helps anyone. Any input and constructive criticism appreciated.