New to TRT, Jumping Into Something Unsafe?

Later down the road you will wish you knew your E2 natural numbers. You need to establish baseline numbers.

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Yeah I figured since he’s in Bev Hills he’s charging Bev Hills prices lol

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Right. I’ve only taken 1mg of anastrozole 2 times at this point so might not be too late. That’s why I’m getting on it now. Can’t imagine 2 doses would’ve crashed it that extreme this quickly. But I’m obviously very new to all of this

It’s pretty piss poor not getting e2 at initial blood work IMO. It’s hard to excuse. You’re average enhanced recreational lifter would probably even know to get baseline e2 before jumping on test. If you have to come off how are you going to know you’ve recovered?


I agree. We didn’t do bloodwork through them, I sent over my labs from my primary care and they said they were all they needed. Didn’t even mention the e2. 200mg test and the 2 mg anastrozole is as close as I’m getting to baseline at this point. Going to call and have them order the labs so I can get the bloodwork before the next injection.

I don’t think there’s much point now. You’d have to wait who knows how long for your levels to settle out. Weeks anyway. It’s not that big of a deal just a nice to have. You’re not going to be too concerned with historical levels now that your on TRT.

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Yea, just concerning to move forward with the anastrozole without a baseline, and with all the things I’ve read. I guess at this point it’s in the doctors hands just doesn’t feel good to have trepidation about his program.

This is the response from the nurse. Seems like a canned answer and how can you keep it at my normal range if you’ve never established what that is in the first place?

I went through the same thing when I started TRT. Typical T mill with cookie cutter protocol. I stopped listening to him the instant he said no one could be on TRT without an AI. 2 years later Im still not on an AI and my E levels have been stable with no intervention, with the exception of switching to daily injections, in order to keep hormone spikes to a minimum. Most offices want to keep you in the 1000TT/28E2 levels with no real knowledge of how off this ratio is. They’re covering their bases since they dont want you to grow tits, because this is what bodybuilders have to do. You’re not a bodybuilder. The first thing you should know is that if you’re going to have higher T, you’re gonna need higher E. Drop the AI and if you get any side effects give it some time for your body to figure out how to balance out the new T levels. If you manually adjust your E, you may never reach optimization. Once you’ve reached 36wks of TRT you will be in either need of an AI or you’ll be off not caring about E levels like some of us do. Its best to not start with it, because you can add it later. Anastrozole is fast acting so its not like you’ll be suffering for more than you can handle. You’re already dealing with ED. Keep it simple and only use T.


I have had insurance cover my TRT for the majority of the past 20 years. It depends on what insurance one has.

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Its still frowned upon by the Insurers if you’re 40 and within range. 300TT is a manly value, why would they interfere with nature?

I appreciate all the advice on a topic that’s all too common. I think I’m going to do a hybrid of listening to him, and you guys. He suggests using the anastrozole for 90 days and evaluating, but I think I’m going to use his protocol for 6 weeks and see how I feel and do tests then at the halfway point. If I feel shitty or e2 is in the toilet then I will adjust on my own for the next 6 weeks before my checkup. He said it would likely take 4-6 weeks to feel the full effects anyways so feel like that’s a good marker point.

All too common? Then I guess ED is no biggie, plus you cant test at 6 weeks and get good values to base yourself off. Lots of learning, you will

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All too common meaning there’s a ton of threads discussing the same thing. No ED fucking sucks and is a large part of why I’m starting trt in the first place. Which is what I told him and why I was surprised to learn about the effects of the anastrozole when I started reading.

So dont take it.

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Ok so I wanted to give an update. I appreciate all the help/advice. I’m at 5 months of the TRT and still trying to get things dialed. I started out by following the Drs protocol of 200mg test/ week and 1 anastrozole EOD. I ran that for 6 weeks and got labs. I honeymooned around week 3 and then by the 6th week I pretty much felt like back to before I started. Labs came back T was 1445 with free at 35.7. Seems like I should’ve felt great. Estrogen was at 18.4.

He decide to up the Test to 225 a week and drop the anastrozole to once per week two days after injection. I didn’t feel like the T should’ve been upped personally but followed his advice. Ran that for 10 weeks and again, never really felt like I was seeing huge benefits other than for sure muscle growth but to be fair I’ve been hitting the gym hard. No change to libido, fatigue and still was sleeping like shit. Labs came back and T was >1500 and Free had somehow dropped from 35 to 28 even with the higher dose.

At this point it seemed like we were just slinging shit and hoping it would stick he suggested keeping dose the same but trying 2 anastrozole a week and maybe that would be the sweet spot.

That was a Monday. I inject on Tuesdays. I injected the next day and then Thursday morning the day I was supposed to take the anastrozole I had an incredible workout, and just felt great all day. Even had morning wood It had been a week since the last time I took the AI so it made me think there’s something to that and now on my own I’ve decided to ditch the AI and see how I feel for 6 weeks or so. That was last week and since then I’ve hit a new PR on bench of 225x3 and feel really strong in the gym.

The only reason I’ve been so insistent on an AI is because I’ve had man boobs/puffy nipples/pseudo gyno since I’ve been a teenager. I’m 6’2 and 195lb so pretty lean but I carry fat in my chest. One of the main reasons I’m finally getting my shit together is to get rid of that so the thought of exacerbating it has been worrisome. I had him write up a prescription for Tamoxifen as I’ve heard that’s a better route than the anastrozole but I’m curious to hear you guys thoughts. Is it an effective way to prevent/help get rid of the stubborn chest fat or is it just another dangerous thing to be messing around with?

If you made it this far I sincerely appreciate your time and thanks in advance for any advice/guidance.

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Thank you for the data and sharing your story. Just to confirm you are injecting once per week and taking the labs at trough (prior to next injection)?

It seems with the prices this provider charges he could at least use an LC-MS/MS TT panel if he is going to put his patients on a perma-cruise type protocol. Check out my other thread if you want some estimates of what your TT/fT looks like over the course of the week. Let’s just call it enhanced. Just making sure you are aware of long term uncertainty on such a protocol. Glad you decreased the AI which you probably don’t want to be running 2-3 mg/week long term.

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Yes injecting once a week. Labs were drawn 2 days prior to injection so not completely trough. And I agree and Dr even says “going for optimization”. Which I take to mean not just TRT. I’ve considered dropping injection amount down also. Trying to navigate the best I can and looking to the Dr for guidance. As you can tell I am new to this so just going rogue and creating mg own protocol was/is a little daunting but it seems when I talk to the Dr he’s just tossing out ideas too. I appreciate this forum.

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Here are most recent labs

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Nice job with your fasting insulin. My sleep was definitely impacted with Test usage so if you are not feeling better after 12-16 weeks on your protocol you may consider going to half the Test dosage per week and try that out. With your metabolic health you probably won’t need any AI. If you still don’t see improvement then perhaps

testosterone wasn’t your issue. If it was me I’d try 75-100 mg/week of test ester (once or twice per week injection frequency) and see how you feel there before starting with “optimization”. But it depends on what you want and in the US there is something for everyone. At least you aren’t running the oxandrolone/stanozolol protocol yet with your TOT :-).

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